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11 August 2012

I think i’ve shared this story before. Many years ago i tried to have a post-Christmas party to overcome the fact that i had no one with whom to share Christmas Eve/Day.

No one showed up.  I was devastated, and it was years before i tried to entertain again.

We have lived in this house for 4-1/2 years.  In all that time, every year i have said, "We should have a neighborhood barbeque so that we can meet the neighbors."  But procrastination lives well with us, and it hasn't happened.  This summer i was determined that we should do this, tho. 

We met a neighborhood child recently (i think she's probably about 13), and mentioned our intent.   She encouraged us to carry out the project, and so we made fliers and passed them out this week.  I've also spent about $250 on food and preparations.  The barbeque is planned for tomorrow at 4.30.  

It has poured buckets of rain with thunder and lightening today; more is scheduled for tomorrow.   

Duane and i often laugh about our bad timing.

So, i'm not only afraid no one will show up for all that food i bought, i'm afraid it will pour buckets (again) tomorrow.  

Welcome to Sugarbear!

It did occur to me that Jesus told a parable in Matthew 22 where God (a King) gave a party (a wedding feast) and none of the invited guests showed up.  

So, i suppose even if no one comes we are in good company.  Tho i admit i'll be disappointed.



kare said...

We would be there if we were'nt so far away!
Maybe next year we should plan our vacation to come up & perhaps help out a bit. Bill should be able to get his week schedualed if we know far enough ahead..B' says we'll even bring an extra B.B.Q.!!
If it rains we'll hide under your front portch!))
Prayers for a really great day!

Linda said...

I hope it works out...and that the neighbors come...even if it rains! (:>)

God is good all the time! And He loves you!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits