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26 February 2013


It was my intent to write short posts!  The past two were quite long.  I don't know how to say what i'm feeling in fewer words, i guess.

I have a huge number of blogs in my blog reader.  However, it seems that i keep getting the same ones over and over.  So i started looking at some of them.  Evidently many of the writers have given up on them.  There are several that haven't had a new post in a year, two years, or even more.

So i thought i'd go "clean up" my blog list.  Except, for some reason it isn't giving me the option to "Mangage the Blogs i Read."  That has always been how i managed this before, but today the option isn't there.  So i guess it has to wait.  I went into "Google Reader" to see if it had the option.  This is how Duane looks at the blogs he reads, but i've never used it.

It does not give me the option to clear/manage the blogs, but it is showing up a lot of posts that Blogger wasn't giving me.  Some really excellent ones.  Part of the reason i wanted to clean/manage my reader list is that i'm not being given a lot of reading material currently.  I wanted to remove things where the writer isn't posting any more, and add ones that i would read.

I discovered that some of these blogs are posting, but for some reason, they are not showing up on my Blogger "Blogs that i follow" section.  I found one in particular, Childless by Marriage, that i really like.  She says so many of the things i think but haven't recorded.  This post particularly.  I LOVE babies.  I always have.  Right now, tho, all those baby and family pics on Facebook are breaking my heart.

I'm definitely going to have to explore my blog reading list more thoroughly.  I hope eventually it will let me edit the list.

Speaking of FB, i think that is part of the reason blogs have faded a bit.  A lot of people have gone to other social media forms.  I do connect and keep in touch with a lot of people via FB.  However, i never feel that i really connect at a deep level at FB.  It tends to be very superficial.  Most of the time when i find old friends, i will write a short letter asking about what has happened in their lives since we last connected.  Most of the time those letters go unanswered.  It takes too long to respond, i guess.



loribeth said...

I use Google Reader. You can unsubscribe from blogs there, & they won't show up anymore.

You can organize your blogs into folders in Google Reader... I have one specifically for childless/free blos, one for infertility blogs, one for scrapbooking blogs, etc. I have one folder specifically labelled "Inactive." Every now & then a new post might pop up there. I go through that folder every now & then, and if the blog no longer exists, then I'll totally unsubscribe.

"Childless by Marriage" doesn't update in my Google Reader either. I've subscribed to her posts by e-mail, so I get the new stuff that way.

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Loribeth. I did switch over to Google Reader, tho it doesn't seem to give better updates. It is nice to be able to read it there, and only open a new page if i need to - tho of course that screws with the page's stats, if they keep them.

Is Canada still cold?

Mali said...

Somehow I've been missing all your posts. Transferring to a new laptop hasn't helped, as I had all my favourite blogs on an RSS live bookmarks feed, and that's not working so good now. Argh!

Kathryn said...

I'm sorry, Mali. But hopefully it will work out soon, and the new laptop will make up for it? I got a new laptop in October, and there are still some things i miss about the old one.

It did feel like i started with a "fresh slate" - but i miss some things here and there.