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05 February 2013

Not Christmas

We usually buy at least one ornament a year, and i generally make a couple too.  This year that didn't happen (and this year we never got around to putting ornaments on the tree).  However, we didn't need to purchase any.  We were given several lovely ornaments.  

From dear Merrilee at church.

From Carol and Candice at my OC knit group.

From Melissa, also of the OC knit group.

From my dear friend Cindy.  This is olive wood from the Holy Land.
(I got this after our tree was down, so i took the pic in the juniper bushes.)

This is from Lori at work.  It is a bookmark, but i tend to lose those.
I think it will look lovely as an ornament.  
(Also after the tree was down.)

From N and our family of "rent-a-kids."
(Also after the tree was down, this is in the pinion pine outside our bedroom.)

From dear Olivia.  
It is a keychain, but i'll love it on my tree.
I've always been a huge Snoopy fan.

Isn't this cunning?  Duane's cousin Sheree made it from 
wine corks, nails, pipe cleaners and beads.  


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