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12 July 2013

The Dress Saga

This isn't really worth a post, but i have been so frustrated.

Duane took the pic from their website and enlarged it and played with contrast and exposure to see if the dress had pleats and i missed it.  The waistline does show a tiny bit of ruffling, but that could be just how the dress was lying.  The dress does not show pleats in waist and bust line no matter how much we played with lightening the picture.  I could not have known about them from the pic or description.  The description did not mention it.  Nor did any of the pics show a train and that was not in the description either.  It DID say that the dress has a back zipper.  The one that arrived has a side zipper.  My contention with the company is the dress that was sent to me is not the one i ordered.

I wrote the company about this the day the dress arrived.  They said, fine, we want to resolve this but we need pictures of the problem.  I sent several, including the ones i'd posted here with added arrows to point out the problems.

I sent them in JPEG and emailed the company early on the 5th of July.  No response.  Late on Monday i sent them the file again and told them if i had not had some response from them within 24 hours, i would open a file with my credit card company (forgetting that i paid with Paypal).  No response.  I opened a dispute on Wednesday.  Paypal - the go between - said that the company denied my request and is asking for pictures.  I sent the pics yet a third time on Thursday.  Then they said they can't open the pics and would i please send them in "IPG format by attachment."  This is not an option that i can comply with.  Photoshop and iPhoto give me about twelve different option but "IPG" is not one.  (I think this is a typo on their part.  Their pics are in JPG.  Duane tells me that is the same as JPEG.)

I'm really lucky this dress arrived as quickly as it did - it was suppose to take up to six weeks to arrive.  Paypal (and Duane informs me the credit card companies too) allow for dispute for 45 days to 8 weeks (depending on the company) after the payment is made.  That means if it arrives on day 46, you're screwed for your money.  You can still file a complaint that will go on the company's record, but you are out the money.

I think they are just trying to drag this out.  I'll take it to the next stage of dispute if i don't have an answer by Tuesday.  Right now Paypal is just sending our messages back and forth, the next stage asks them to step in and make a ruling themselves.

This is starting to feel like my dream of the reception where i kept trying to get help to resolve the reception issues but no one responded.  I hope nothing like the second dream happens.  I didn't go into much detail, but it was a very awful, bloody dream.



Kathi said...

That stinks that they're not working with you! Keep fighting! Hopefully PayPal can add a little extra pressure too.

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Kathi. I hope PayPal works, too.