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27 January 2009

All Over the Place

My thoughts are here, there, & everywhere today.

I started a blog for the family to use, to share stories & post pics & thoughts. It is less than a week now, but i'm underwhelmed by the interest. Sigh.

I've a fairly busy day scheduled today. It will be good to stay busy. Not a lot of money, but still good to keep going. I tend to get very lazy when i don't stay busy enough.

We do so want to have a baby, but i'm starting to give up hope. Still, every day that goes by i think of the things i'd want to share with our children. Today i was thinking about driving & how you need to be "present" every moment. Especially as so many people - drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians - all seem to function on "autopilot" & don't pay attention to what is going on around them. If i keep on having thoughts on what to teach our kids, by the time they are 2 they will have totally tuned me out! Oh mom!

Guess i've so much in my head that i can't think of anything.


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