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29 January 2009

Things Unseen

Title like that deserves more mystery or spirituality, but i'm talking about hormones & energy fields!

Tuesday again i could not sleep, tho i did fall asleep for a couple of hours around 6AM. The previous week i had not slept at all. What did i do in common both days? First i had acupuncture in the AM both days, but i've had that before without problems. The other thing i did: use my laptop on my lap &/or chest for a few hours in the evening.

I've known for a while that using the laptop like this cause me problems. However, i have sometimes thought, "If i do it for just a little while it will be ok." And so it is, if i stick to under an hour in the AM. Twice now using it in the evening caused little or no sleep, & so accepting that the EMF &/or wifi is bothering me, i must not do it any more.

We got home last night & i was sooooo cold & could not get warm. Bar being very sick with a fever, i don't think i've ever been quite so cold & it was painful. I was near crying last night it was so bad. This has been escalating for a while now. It is my pattern to be warm in the AM, & get progressively colder as the day goes by. But i usually was not uncomfortable until the evening. But recently it has been earlier & earlier in the day that i get cold. Often i cannot get warm unless i go to bed & sleep for an hour or so. I'd discussed it with the acupuncture doc, Kathy, a couple of weeks ago. She feels it is both the fatigue & thyroid. My body isn't functioning efficiently enough to keep me warm. (I find that ironic seeing the amount of blubber i carry!)

I was so thankful for our Christmas gift on the bed last night, because sitting in front of the fire wasn't doing the job. Still it took me a while to warm up. I do hope this improves, or i may be spending a lot of time in bed.

Doctors tend to scoff at certain things, cell phones or lap tops effecting us. But they also used to scoff at things that are now well accepted (cigarettes causing health problems, bacteria causing ulcers). They still scoff at "normal" thyroid levels causing health problems. Things unseen do effect us, but a lot of folks don't want to believe it.


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