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24 January 2009

Mushroom Cloud

Ok, if you ever decide to make your own toothpaste/powder with both baking soda & hydrogen peroxide as ingredients, be prepared for a chemical reaction!

I've been making my own toothpaste with a mixture of 50% each of xylitol & baking soda. Then i added a few drops of peppermint flavoring. (May as well leave that out in the future, i never can taste it.) I like this better than any of the commercial pastes i've tried. Also, the xylitol seems to do a good job of cutting the baking soda taste. Sometimes i add a bit of water, too, if it seems too dry. Or if it seems too wet, i leave the lid off & let it evaporate - it is very dry here. The other day when i was mixing it up it occurred to me that hydrogen peroxide might be better than water for the mix. My teeth are very yellow (probably a result of my mother's overconfidence in/over use of fluoride). The H2O2 probably won't make a difference, but it can't hurt.

I mixed up the full container the other day, & added a little H2O2. It didn't bubble & fizz right away like it would with vinegar. I decided to leave the top off in case it was too liquid. When i went back to get it last night, it had fizzed over the top in a mushroom cloud! It is ok, & i like it better in this new concoction, but next time i won't fill the container so full!

Breakfast today didn't go so well, as far as timing. I got busy doing other things & totally forgot. We had oatmeal & raisins just after noon. Oh, well. Gotta keep trying.


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