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23 January 2009


Titles are weird for me. Have trouble with them.

Duane's mom makes really good cabbage rolls. I've never cared much for cabbage, but i liked them a lot when i was still eating meat. However, her method uses "Minute Rice" & Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup, neither of which fall in my definition of "food." She was up last week & made them, & i watched her do it. I tried to encourage healthy alternatives for what she'd normally use, but she wasn't interested.

So i decided to try this weekend. I made the meat variety with organic brown rice for Duane. For my own i mixed minced mushrooms & some zucchini with the rice & cooked in a different pan. I made my own Cream of Mushroom Soup. It all turned out ok. Duane says it tastes different, but still ok. The flavor of the potatoes i used for mashed remind me more of my mother's potato pancakes than mashed potatoes. That's ok, i like them that way too!

Duane had a friend visiting today, so i took the time to visit with my friend Dawn. (Loved chatting with you today, dear!) I've also been re-connecting with folks i'd known a while ago, someone i went to massage school with, & someone from college. That has been fun.

All in all a good day (i even kept up with the dishes, my biggest challenge!) but am a bit tired now.


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