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30 January 2009


I get a little discouraged when i read something "new" to avoid in order to be healthier. Right now it is dental fillings, watches, jewelry. But i don't have any of those things, & have not in a long time, & it didn't make these amazing health changes for me! I've also quit most commercial soaps, lotions, shampoos, deodorants/antiperspirants & so many others. Oh well, keep on keeping on.

Tonight we are having the "Book Club" from church. This month is A.J. Jacobs' book "The Year of Living Biblically." It is funny & insightful, tho he does remain an atheist. Our book club doesn't read all religious books. We've read "Marley & Me," & some of Stephen King, & a number of other things as well.

I'm very tired, doesn't seem like i did that much in trying to get ready for company. I was going to make an apple pie for tonight, but was just too tired. Made 1 bowl brownies instead. Need to go cut them soon.

I've often been sorry that i didn't do a better job of recording what happened with the pregnancy i had that miscarried (Kaylee). I know i had several negative tests before i had a positive one. I think i was at about 38 or 40 days before we got a positive test. I know my progesterone was low & had to do supplements. I don't remember having many symptoms, but i did start bleeding & have to do bed rest early in the 10th week. We do have an ultrasound, early on before we could see her development. When i miscarried, she was about the size of a kumquat. (That is from a pregnancy site, that compares the size of the baby to something folks can relate to.)

I'm 29 days today. That doesn't mean much, except for the past 4 months i've been 25-27 days. I've been late before tho, without being pregnant. Twice i'm sure i was pregnant, tho we never had a + test. The two i call "failed pregnancies" i was 40 & 42 days, but my sureness of the conception wasn't that i was late, it was the host of symptoms i was having. The last time, my sense of smell became so acute, i could smell a slightly sour dishcloth from another room, round a corner, & more than 20 feet away. And it was so strong & stinky to me i didn't know if i could stand it, & it didn't dissipate, nor did i grow accustomed to the smell.

I don't seem to have any symptoms, except in the evenings i've been a little nauseous & more "gassy," but that could simply be diet. I'm afraid to hope, but can't help but hope. I don't want to share this with folks as then i'll have to tell them when i'm not pregnant. But i can record it here, just in case. And of course i'll record when i find out i'm not pregnant & am disappointed.

I can still hope, tho!


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