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11 February 2009

Back on the Mountain

Monday AM we woke to about 6 inches of snow. We dug out the driveway & started down the mountain with the spider spikes on the front tires of the Honda. It took two hours to get down the hill (normally a 50-60 minute drive), & it was snowing & visibility bad. I'd have stayed home!

But the report was that the total snowfall for that day was 20 inches, & the low that night was 3.5 F. So we were somewhat dreading coming home to dig out the driveway again. Even tho last night was cold also, 4.3 F, today was in the mid 40s & so the roads were not too bad. We came the long way thru the desert, because the snow drive is much less. In fact, we only kept the spiders on for about 10 miles because most of the road was bare, & much of it dry.

Still, it was a great surprise to us to get home and find our driveway - most of it - bare & dry! Our kind neighbor had run his snowblower over 95% of it, & it was ready. Duane had about 2 feet in front of the garage to clear. We put the car in the garage because another bout of storms are due, staring either tonight or tomorrow AM.

I find that when the stove box is cold it takes a looooonnnnnng time to get a fire going, but it is now & blowing out nice warm air. It is nice & cozy & is good to be home.

Our pastor, Gene, canceled the meeting i've with him tomorrow because of the weather & other obligations he has down the hill We will meet at a later time.


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