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13 February 2009


There are up sides & down sides to blog reading.

I've come across so many things, miscarriages & infant deaths. There is one that has really effected me.

A child named Cora in Kansas City was diagnosed with cancer about 4 weeks ago. She was 10 months old at the time. She had been having ear infections that would not clear, & the last time her mother brought her in her doc thought that her liver was involved. The tests they did found a large mass in her liver, & also spots on her kidneys. She had 4 surgeries across 2 weeks, & they were doing very aggressive chemo. She had a lot of folks praying for her. She died about a week ago. I've been praying her family, & especially her mama & daddy, Joel & Jess. This must be so hard for them. They went from having an apparently healthy child to losing her in three weeks time. I can't imagine how hard it is for her poor mama to have empty arms.

My point in writing this is two prong. First, what could cause an 10 month old baby to have cancer so early??? From what i've read, these folks are corn growers in KS (almost undoubtedly GMO). Could that effect her? I know there probably aren't any answers, but for such a young child to develop cancer is rather extreme, i think. Once i read about this, it didn't surprise me when she died. I was just rather waiting to hear that it occurred. I also rather think the doctors killed her, but that is my personal bias.

The second point grows rather out of my personal bias.

In the book Christy by Catherine Marshall, Christy goes to teach school in the mountains in Tennessee. At one point, a mother with a sick infant follows an old wives tale about the child's illness, & in the process of following the tale, breaks her daughter's neck & the child dies. Christy is greatly distressed by this, knowing the woman in her ignorance killed the much loved child. She has a very hard time listening to the mother mourn her much desired daughter & quoting, "The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord."

Can you see where i'm going with this? Believing that the docs probably killed this child with their aggressive chemo & other standard protocol is very hard for me. The fact that so many people follow current medical standards to their deaths & then have their families say that "The Lord took them when he knew best," when in all probability they should have lived for some time longer.

Today i was looking over their website again, because of something said in another blog. In it i read that the mama took this child to the doc before Christmas, sick, & the doc gave antibiotics
again, and THREE vaccines. Was the doc an idiot? YOU NEVER GIVE A SICK INFANT VACCINES. Cora probably already had the cancer at that point, but giving her vaccines was like pouring gasoline on a fire. The natural health people say not only not to give a sick infant vaccines, but when they are given - to a healthy child - to give them one at a time. Their best recommendation is to give none at all before age 2, if the parents are determined to vaccinate.

I've thought about it - it was a few days ago i wrote the beginning of this blog - & i suppose that saying, "The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh . . . " is the best way to handle the inexplicable. It could very well be that this is what would have happened anyway, tho i have a hard time believing it. If nothing else it underlines how very toxic we have made God's creation. It is frustrating to me to see how few people see this. GMO corn causing cancer? Ridiculous! Vaccines killing the immune system? How absurd! Plastics creating endocrine imbalances? Don't be silly! Yet, in the past we had DES babies, heart failures from meds, seizures from sugar-substitutes, etc., etc., etc., the list is practically endless. Yet people still think that if the FDA approved it then it must be safe.

I WILL NOT be sending such a post to her parents. The poor folks are hurting enough. Likewise, i hope not too many people say, "You can have another," as i saw one commenter post. I hope in the future they do have more children, but lady-who-wrote-that-post, this poor mama just lost her dearly loved daughter. Let her grieve. Talking about future children is heartless & insensitive, & doesn't give Cora's life its proper respect. Let the family mourn.


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