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23 February 2009

Following God - i hope!

Our weather has been strange.

We had heavy snow in December. January was so warm i was afraid our trees would start leafing out. Early February was cold with lots more snow. When we got home last week the berm at the corner of our property was over my head & we had 2 Ft of snow on the deck outside our bedroom. Last week had record (record since we have lived in BB!) cold with a low at -1.8F for 2 days running.

Now, in the past 3 days the low hasn't gotten under 40F, & the snow is melting FAST. It rained yesterday & was raining when we left today. More pleasant when driving down, but strange, none the less.

There is a story that has circulated off & on for the past several years of a man on a rooftop of a flooded area who has 2 boats & a helicopter offer to take him to safety. (I've simplified the story some.) Each time his response was, "God will provide." So he drowns & asks God why he didn't respond. God's reply: "I sent 2 boats & a helicopter, what more did you expect?"

Often times we look for divine intervention when the answer is something prosaic in front of us.

We very much want a family & hoped that that would occur in the "natural" way. We have tried to be patient & do what we can to facilitate that (healthy eating, acupuncture, herbs & supplements, etc.). We do not want to run ahead of God, but we also don't want to sit idly expecting divine intervention when there are boats & helicopters offering help. Sometimes hard to decide, & here the analogy rather breaks down.

We began being open to other options about 6 months ago. In the Christmas letter we sent out we mentioned that we are "open" to adoption. By that we meant that if someone knew of a mama looking to place her baby, keep us in mind!

I doubt if there has ever been a lottery winner who found the ticket on the street as he was walking around. Not many win the lottery, but if they do they bought a ticket. At this point i see that having a child will be like winning the lottery. But if we don't actually do something it probably won't happen. Now i do know of a couple who weren't actively seeking adoption, but had a mama hear of them & decide to place her baby with them.

We would love it if that should happen, for it would be very clear to us that God had a hand in that ("boat" or "helicopter"). We wouldn't have any questions about running ahead of God or trying to force our "fate."

We talked about it in the last couple of days & have decided to be a little more proactive about searching. We have done the preliminary paperwork for a program that is foster children/foster to adopt. At this point it is nothing more than a basic inquiry. And we have joined a program that matches folks who have completed their families & have embryos left over to folks still seeking to complete a family. There are more people looking for embryos than those who are donating, so if someone chooses us, again we would see that as a "boat" or "helicopter"!

We would have to have a reproductive specialist if this were to happen, so i've a pending appointment in about 3 weeks. If we decide we're not quite ready for this, i can postpone this appointment.

Ah well. It is hard to know when you are waiting, & when to get up & do something. Lord, help us!


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David said...

I am praying and expecting that the Lord has His plan all worked out for you. this is such a tough issue, God will sustain you in and through it.