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31 March 2009

"My Life in Pictures"

Something new.

Something on my table.

I found this photo challenge thru JoeyBelle @ Brilliant Brunette. Go on over & check out her pics. But it came from Everything Except the Grill.

This is the schedule (this week?): Monday, Something New. Tuesday, Something on your table. Wednesday, The view from your front door. Thursday, Something you do each day. Friday, Something old.

Now, i missed the first day. Saw JoeyBelle's pics, but didn't understand. (I also realized after i took pics of plants she did the same.) Maybe i've a better handle on it now.

I missed Monday, so included it here. Technically these plants aren't new. They are bulbs that recur every year. I was so surprised to find them last year, because they are entirely hidden by the deck. If you aren't standing in the right place in the back yard, you'd never see them. Who planted them there? I planned to move them last year, but i don't know much about bulbs. Will have to read on it this year, & move them. (When i thought about it last fall, i didn't know quite where they were, no sign of them by fall.)

But they are newly coming up!

Also, the "on my table" isn't actually a table. It is a small, portable island in the kitchen. But i tend to consider any horizontal flat surface in my house a "table." I'm quite proud of this aloe vera plant. I am green-thumb challenged. On a few things i do well, others i kill immediately, or slowly & painfully. So the fact that this has grown well & is healthy (it wasn't looking so good last summer; i had it outdoors & it just gets too cold out there at night) is a triumph for me. (I take no credit for the first pic, it comes up naturally with only help from the winter snows!



Sassy Britches said...

I had some crocuses show up that I was like, "Hey, where'd you come from?" Those are nice surprises.

I'm so impressed with your aloe vera plant. Those plants fascinate me.

And I'm sooooo being nosy--is that SAND in the glass jar? And are those kiwi tealights, or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Amber, That's Me! said...

Sassy Britches, I had to take a closer look ... those do look like kiwi tealights- can't wait to find out what they really are!

I have always wanted an aloe vera plant. Your looks great.

Thanks for joining in- it's good to have you!

Kathryn said...

Hi, thanks for coming. Not sand in the jar, it is gluten-free flour mix with some darker flours (buckwheat, etc.). And just kiwis waiting to be eaten!

Thank you for letting me join.

David said...

yay for the coming Tulips

Amrita said...

nice photos Kathryn