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03 March 2009

What's Up With That?

This is my office, the massage room. Doesn't it look inviting & cozy? It actually is cuter than this, you just can't see it all. It has a cute little table for folks to put things on & a white bench behind the door. To the right is a cabinet where i keep sheets & supplies. The clock tics reassuringly. An Ipod provides calming music. It is nice.

I've been lazy for a few days now. That is how i saw it, anyway. Not much in the house got done, etc. I spent a lot of time resting & on the computer. I was being lazy! But Sunday i realized i was really not feeling well & stayed home from Church. Lazy again. Then yesterday at work i began feeling really unwell. The kind where you try to decide whether to go home to bed, Urgent Care, or the ER. Called a dear friend who is so wise (Thank you Dawn!) Decided to do the Urgent Care. This was hard for me as i don't trust MDs. The lady who saw me was really really nice, but i'm not very impressed with her as a doc. But i do have a diagnosis, it is nothing very serious. I could go into a rant about MDs now, but i think i'll skip it.

I'm kind of glad to know that it wasn't that i'm just so terribly lazy, my body was telling me something was wrong. Somehow i just didn't hear it until it was SCREAMING at me. What's up with that?

Thank you God for pain. It is my understanding that most of the damage caused by leprosy is not the disease itself but the lack of pain. I've heard of people with this disease putting their arms in boiling water to get something out, or cutting their fingers to the bone, they don't feel any of that. Because the folks can't feel pain they aren't careful & damage the skin, & then often don't treat it & it doesn't heal. God created pain to prevent these kinds of problems. Pain is a way of saying "Stop!"

(As an aside, our Pastor has been preaching the same verse for the past couple of weeks, & he keeps saying leopard rather than leper. Duane & i are having a hard time not laughing 'cause the images that brings to mind are funny.)

Thank you God for providing for us in all ways.


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David said...

seeing spots!
I think I am seeing Doubt, because I missed the play, and Meryl Streep is in it. Perhaps I will review it later.