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08 April 2009


A lot of folks are doing different "memes" of things. Sometimes i participate, but mostly to ony try to meet other folks. Feels like my blog is "meme" enough already.

Today two different kinds are going, "Way Back" & "Down Memory Lane - Things to Remember."

So, i have a couple of old pics already scanned it that fits both of these.

Sis #3 with two of the goats. They only had these the
last couple of years i lived at my parents' place. We had cows most of the time i was growing up. I don't remember much about the goats.

Sis #2 with one of her sheep. That truck was very old at the time. We ate a lot of "pork chops" when i was growing up, because my parents knew that we wouldn't eat the lamb chops that had been my sissy's pets.

These are two of my horses, Candi - she's black, & Star, my pony. Both have winter coats so they look scraggly. The other horse i had, Blaze, was no longer mine by the time these pics were taken.

I would try Rosemary's fun crafty thing with movie stars, but don't know a lot about them, & haven't thought of a creative way to put it together. Maybe my brain will come up with it before long.

Ok, i will connect to one spot. This is one i follow. Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground.



Lynnette Kraft said...

Personally goats are my favorite! I love dairy goats. We milked Nubians for a couple of years. Yum!

Thanks for sharing. It was very nice to meet you this week. :)

Mike said...

Great photos. Lots of memories there, I'm sure.


Twitter: AboutParenting

Curly Muse said...

I LOVE these pictures... how wonderful to have grown up this way!

Tanya said...

Great pictures! My parents had goats when I was little and I have great memories. :) I wanted a horse, but we didn't have enough space for one.

Sally-Ann said...

Loved the photos. I always wanted a horse!

Jana said...

Great photos. You should join Rosemary and me in our ode to Hollywood. Doesn't mean you have to know anything. Just what comes to mind when you think Hollywood. Hope to see you soon.

Aspiemom said...

What a beautiful area you live in! Thanks for sharing the photo's and memories.

Linda said...

You sound like a nature woman like my daughter Lynnette. She especially loves goats!

I am just not much of an animal person. I've had a couple of dogs and I loved them, but it's just not me,...I am a "city girl",...and Lynnette loves living in the country.

I think God's creatures are amazing though and I am in awe at how many different kinds of animals, He created.

My thing has always been babies! I love little children and the miracle of birth!

God is such an Awesome Creator!
Thanks for joing in and sharing the story and pictures.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

David said...

my Lord what a beautiful backdrop.