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08 April 2009

We're Home

It was sunny & warm in OC when we left.

Thru N OC & Riverside it was sunny with puffy white clouds in the sky. It began to get darker when we got to San Bernardino County. When we turned toward the mountains it was definitely very dark.

We had a little rain first. Then we hit hail. Light, but noisy. The roads were were wet & steaming. Then we went thru a cloud. Got snow (& could see hail on the ground) as we were getting home.

But now the clouds have passed & most of what was on the ground has melted.

Still, it is suppose to be cold this weekend. The house feels cold, it always feels cold. But it is 56 F in here, so what are we complaining about!

We also found that the Holiday Rabbit had been here early (Duane thinks it was the Holiday Woodchuck!) & left us wood. We strongly suspect (in fact we know) it had to be friend & fellow blogger David. And we don't believe in Holiday Rabbit/Woodchuck. The Lord is Risen!!! But we are thankful for the wood. :)

Fed the squirrels. The cats are very silly. They want to play.



David said...

(bounce bounce bounce out of your driveway)
like the dodger fan, "you gotta believe!"

Enjoy, rest, be happy

David said...

He is risen indeed