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02 April 2009

The numbers are in

Ok, being accountable. Yesterday was my first "official" day in dieting, but because of my schedule i report on Thursdays.

Here it is (i hate giving numbers):
  • weight - 172 lbs
  • chest - 45-1/2 inches
  • waist - 36 inches
  • hips - 43-1/2 inches
(Fear - what if this doesn't change & after 9 weeks i'm reporting the same darn numbers?)



Rosemary said...

Good for you to be taking charge of things! You're going to be reporting lower numbers, I know it.

You're braver than I am about putting it "out there." But, it will keep you accountable.

We, your blogosphere buddies, will keep you motivated. You can do it!!!

David said...

perhaps faith is the antidote to that fear.
Since God is aware of your desires, and gave you your unique personality, and circumstances, then He can give you enough strength and focus to accomplish His goals for you, such as better health.
You will need Duane's help and cooperation.
I am available to do some dinners in your kitchen, THAT would be a lot of fun. Lots and lots of veggies, and no one goes hungry!