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03 April 2009

Something Old

This is the last day of the "My Life in Pictures" challenge. Head over to Everything Except the Grill & check out the others. It has been a lot of fun looking at the different things folks post.

When i was a child, my parents did a lot of recycling, but in those days it was "we're too poor to do anything else." They got used furniture & painted it, etc, etc. I got a lot of hand-me-downs & clothes from thrift stores. The hand-me-downs i didn't mind because they came from stylish cousins across the country. The thrift store clothes were another matter, however. When you live in a small community, you never know whose clothes you are wearing. I was teased about it a lot at school.

In my 20s i made up for that by buying a lot of rather expensive clothes. It was fun.

I've out grown that. The thrift store is my main spot of shopping, when i do, which isn't often. I would guess i don't spend more than $100 a year on clothes now. Most of our furniture is from Craig's List. Yada, yada.

All that to say that i used to be really embarrassed about having
used things. I am not anymore.

Today's challenge is "Something Old." No, no, NOT the in-laws! The swing they are sitting on.

My in-laws saw this swing someone had put out for the garbage & brought it home. It sat on their porch for a couple of years, because they never had a good place to put it. Then we bought this house,
& they offered it to us.

Yes! thank you very much!

My MIL painted it to match the house (& we hung it before the house was painted). We didn't hang it until late in the year when it was getting cold, so we haven't used it much - yet. Looking forward to summer evenings on the porch swing!



Opus Gluei Poobahs said...

You know, this could count as an entry at the Opus-Gluei challenge blog for Go Green, being salvaged and made lovely again?

I understand your childhood dislike of the hand me downs, I had that too. Isn't it funny that as we mature that is sooooo not important to us anymore?

Kristie said...

I love that your MIL was able to salvage the swing and fix it up! Reminds me of my mom and how she used to fix up old furniture. :-)

Farmer Gal said...

I would love a porch swing! What a great find.

In regard to your post from yesterday... Our living places really are similar... That view of the squirrel on the corner of your deck with the tree in the background looks exactly like our deck!

Sheri said...

Man, that is exactly what I need for our porch-thanks for reminding me cuz with spring here-I can start prodding the ole man to get me one. Blessings

IE Mommy said...

Very cool. This was my favorite day of the challenge. Swing by The IE Mommy sit to view my entry for the day!

Thanks for the fun!