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17 April 2009

Oh What a Beautiful . . . Con't

I had thought i'd just edit the last post, but i've a bunch of pics to add.

If you want to read my thoughts (which aren't all that interesting) keep going to the next post.
These pics look better if you click on them to see them in more detail.

These first two are the ones i think are trillium.

The apple tree starting buds.

The tulips in the front yard. I see no evidence of blooms beginning.

The peach tree also starting buds.

One of the peach trees, different angle. Sugarloaf mountain seen in the distance.

The tulips in the back yard -where no one can see them unless you're looking - do have blooms beginning.

This huge tree is in our back yard. It drops lots of twigs, pine needles, & pine cones. The twigs especially are good fire starter. We grow our own!

Doesn't Duane's camera do a good job? Even when i'm the photographer!


1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Duane's camera does fine, but it's all the photographer's eye!

These are great photos, you are going to have this explosion of color all around soon- you have to take photos then too so we can all enjoy them with you!