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13 May 2009

Wednesday, Wednes, Wed !

Lynnette Kraft of Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground hosts "Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane" every . . . Wednesday!

I've not done this before. It seems like i've been recalling too much lately, much of it unpleasant. But i thought i'd give this a go.

We just got home from Orange County, & i have to say that days like today (in OC) remind me very much of when i first moved to CA.

It was a very long time ago, & i lived in Long Beach at first. Later i lived in Artesia, then Fullerton, then Costa Mesa. Then Duane & i married & we moved to our current (& hopefully LAST!) situation in Big Bear, CA.

I moved to Long Beach in January, & i have to say the weather was gorgeous. January in Southern California is why folks move here! However, where i was living was a very flat neighborhood. Beyond looking at the neighbor's houses, i could see very little distance. A few months later & "June Gloom" set in, only it seemed to start in April! It felt like i didn't see the sun for months. A morning haze would set in & it never seemed to burn off.

When i had been living in CA for a few months i went to breakfast one morning with a friend. The cafe was on top of a small hill in Long Beach (Bixby Knolls area) & i could see some distance that day. All of a sudden i gasped, "There are mountains out there!" The person i was with laughed at me.

But i was so shocked because i had never seen them. I had heard of CA mountains, but imagined them far off as i had never seen them due to my land position & the haze. I couldn't believe they were truly so close.

Anyway, this AM in OC was very grey & hazy & it reminded me of when i first moved to California.
There are mountains out there. Can you see them?

See them yet?

Not yet?

How about now?

"Can you see me now?" LOL

Oh, think i'm starting to see . . .

Awww, there they are!

These are the same mountains, from the same freeway last December:

It is hard for me to believe how the haze so obscures these mountains.
Yet they are still there under all the yuck!

Check back a little later, i'm going to post some more spring pics - blooms & birds - that Duane took today!



Sally-Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! Except for the airports, I have only ever spent a few days in CA and didn't get to see very much!

Linda said...

Hi, I am from Southern Calif. too, but now I live in Kansas. I don't miss the smog,...or the traffic.

But I do miss the ocean! I loved going to the ocean and just gaze out on the power of God as He let it move back and forth, but always holds it in it's bounds.

I have been to Big Bear many times when I was growing up. It was a nice place to go when we wanted to see a little snow.

I am glad that you joined in on Weds. Walk today, and shared with us. Come back again!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh, how pretty! We lived in CA for a little while. My DH had military training in Merced. We went often to the Yosemite National Park and LOVED those mountains? (not sure if they are mountains)..

Anyway, thanks for your sweet comment!

Kristin said...

Welcome to Wednesday's Walk. I love the pics of the mountains! Here in TX, we don't have any beautiful scenery like that!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Oh, deep implications in the fact that they are there covered by haze! Thanks for sharing!

Lynnette Kraft said...

I love California! I was born in Fullerton and have visited Huntington Beach (where my dad used to live), Long Beach, Laguna Beach...and I've seen those California mountains. The weather is absolutely beautiful!

It was fun to see your pictures too.

Thanks for joining us Wednesday Walkers!

Have a lovely day.

Rosemary said...

Wow! I have never seen the mountains in California. My one trip there was to San Diego for business and I wish I'd stayed and brought my husband but I didn't and regret it.

Beautiful, even if you have to search for them in the haze!

Anonymous said...

Yuck I hate that So. Cal smog. My mother in law insists it is fog, but I know the difference when I visit and have to choke through the guck and fight a headache for the week I'm there. Sorry to be a downer! Have been to Big Bear and at least you get above most of it there. Just makes me remember what I'm not missing these days, I should remember to count the blessing I do have and not poo poo about the things I dont. Ugh, a little humbled. My Hubby (native Californian) points out that smog is much less since he was a kid. That's good!