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12 May 2009

Can't think of a title

Well, i'm over 100 posts now, & over 1,000 folks have viewed my blog.

That last number happened quickly as i made a comment a
t Pioneer Woman & a link to my post on my mother. Now about a hundred folks think i'm crazy, i guess! I know PW has thousands of people who read her (that is not an exaggeration) but i didn't expect so many to follow my link. Only one commented, however.

Also i've been wondering what was up with the zero second or minute people. But i
read the counter info yesterday, & it tells me that the people were there, but if they didn't do - i don't remember what exactly - some change, then the counter has no way to track how long they were there & so shows up as zero seconds/minutes.

It is a gray, overcast morning here in OC. Typical of So Cal this time of year, tho it is rare for us at home. I'm hoping the sun will come out here soon. I'd like to get some good pics of all the things blooming.

I got Duane to take some pics of our wonderful apple tree before we left yesterday. He did a good job, but i still don't think it shows how glorious the tree looks. And i was excited to see honey bees working the tree very industriously. I so hope we will have fruit this year.

I'm allergic to bees. I've not had a sting since i was 13, so we're not sure exactly how allergic i am. I didn't have anaphylactic shock then, but my leg (i stepped on 3 bees) was swollen nearly triple size. And my grandmother developed the allergy so much that she would go into anaphylactic shock. My granddad had to give up raising bees.

Duane usually is a bit freaked when i'm around bees. (In our apartment in Costa Mesa they set up a hive in our kitchen vent & had to be removed. We had a lot in the house. That was a weird year, i heard of them doing the same or similar in 3 other houses.) But i don't wear perfume or anything that would draw them to me. I don't swat at them when they do come near. Honeybees are surprisingly unaggressive (unless you step on them :) ).

My lilac bushes (which are really small, kind of pitiful things) are near blooming, too. Duane took this pic yesterday morning as well. We may have full blown lilacs when we get home!

I'd promised myself i wouldn't follow any more mama blogs. I already follow several blogs of mamas raising their kids. And mamas who want to have kids. Etc., etc. So i had said, "Kathryn, enough! Let it go & don't add anymore!" I'm not going to stop following the ones i follow now because i love these sweet mamas & their stories. But my intention was not to add anymore. Until i came across this one: Health Begins with Mom. I'm so very impressed with her story & committment to health that i added her to my list. She does sell Shaklee. Second person i've come across who does. Both are big advocates for their supplements.

Duane & i were discussing our summer this AM. It is going to be a strange one for a couple of people who aren't usually greatly committed to events & stuff. A lot of things coming, especially in the next few weeks & continuing out thru July.



Curly Muse said...

I was on earlier but now is when I have a chance: I am in love with blooms in your property. I love flowers but have no way of keeping them alive.

Anonymous said...

Oh your apple tree is amazing and I can't wait to see the lilac in full bloom! I've got another couple weeks till I can plant the whole veggie garden. SOOO hard to wait!

David said...

I planted a lot of flowers yesterday with more to go in today, some starter Veggie seeds also, for transplanting later. Its a good time up here. Bright sunshine again.

Anonymous said...

The Pictures your husband took are amazing! That's one of the many reasons why I love checking out your blog is for the Beautiful pictures. I'm so sorry for your Mother and how she too was raised! Such a sad story.

Everyone is feeling great now in our house hold. I was very lucky to not catch it myself. Thank you so much for asking :)

Thank you for keeping me as one of your followers! I really appreciate you very much.


Rosemary said...

I think your lilacs are rather beautiful and I'll bet they smell fantastic. I love them at this time of year and it is so fleeting.

Rosemary said...

I have to tell you, I don't really follow mom blogs - maybe it is a protection for my feelings, not sure, but it's just my thing. If you enjoy them, continue reading them but if they are upsetting you I guess my free advice would be to take a breather from them. No, don't delete them but just take a hiatus and then see how you feel.

(stepping carefully down from soapbox now)

HUGS to you, my CA friend!