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10 June 2009

Another commitment completed

We have been at Cumberland Falls since Sunday night.

We arrived late Sunday night (i made a wrong turn at one point & the GPS rerouted us - took us all the way to Knoxville & added 90 miles to the trip).

We got down to see the "moonbow." There were a lot of people there. I did see it but not as i expected. It was mostly reflected light, a streak of white light. The lady at the front desk later told me that that is usually what is seen. She said unless it is cold you don't see the colors in it. But Duane was able to rig a tripod & put it on 30 second exposures. I haven't done much with the pics yet, but in them you can see the colors in the moonbow. When i get to a faster internet connection i'll add some pics.

Monday we walked over to where my folks have rented 2 cottages or cabins. They are very nice, but they accommodate the 8 folks there very well. My niece to be married, her fiance, & a nephew didn't make it up for the anniversary party or this trip. Had they been here the cottages would have been much more crowded; also had we chosen to stay there. We have managed much better having our own room in the hotel.

We visited for a while, & then i drove into Corbin & got a massage & did some grocery shopping. The massage was ok. I did relax, but i was so very exhausted. My biggest complaint was she kept me waiting 45 minutes, shorted me 15 on the total (i was signed up for 90), & she didn't listen to my request. But it felt good & i did relax.

Shopping in Corbin Kroger was an experience! I thought i hated shopping in Orange County, CA. The problem is that no one makes eye contact & there is little positive interaction among folks. But OC shoppers look positively cheerful compared to those in Corbin! I've never seen people so grim. They will, some of them, make eye contact. But when you smile at them their frowns & grimaces get even deeper. I was unable to smile anymore after about 3 minutes, & was severely depressed after 5. I returned in the grumpiest mood ever!

But we had a good evening. The kids roasted the marshmallows i bought & made s'mores. Sis #2 & i verged on arguing a couple of times. I was having discussions with daddy. They were not acrimonious. We did not yell. But we did not agree, which i knew we would not. They were about food. Daddy doesn't see a problem with conventionally grown produce, milk, poultry, meat. He has worked in agriculture (research to produce more food) all his life. So we discussed it. But both times Sis #2 said, "Stop! Stop! We've all strong feelings about this & there is no point in discussing it!" The first time she did this i was so angry with her that i walked out. The second time she interrupted daddy & i almost walked out but instead i very pointedly said to her, "I haven't heard HIS opinion yet."

Sis #2 wasn't sharing her opinion or talking. She just didn't want us to talk. And i was very angry with her. I asked Duane about it later. He wasn't there for the first discussion, but he was for the second. He confirmed my memory that we weren't being rude, loud, or ugly. We were simply discussing an issue we disagree over. So i don't know what Sis #2 thought she was doing but i didn't appreciate it.

Yesterday was too much.

I remember as a small child after a hard day of play feeling so tired that my body was just heavy. If an adult picked me up i would be a melted puddle of tired child, draped over their shoulder. I remember that feeling well. It wasn't bad 'cause it was time for bed & when i woke up i'd be ready for another day.

I woke up feeling that way yesterday. I was profoundly tired. I did go to breakfast & sat in the lobby on my computer for a while, but i was just too tired to stay upright. I had things i wanted to do - most of the folks went horseback riding; & things i needed to do - laundry. Instead i spent most of the day in bed. It was very discouraging, but i knew if i didn't rest i wouldn't manage the rest of the trip.

In the late afternoon i did get up & shower. Then an aunt & uncle drove up & we all had dinner together at the lake view restaurant. Then we did various things in the evening. So it was ok.

But we leave today. The plan is to go about 11 & head for a visit with Darling Dawn & her wonderful husband John. I don't know how we will drive. I didn't plan on going thru Lexington but Duane hasn't seen KY's horse farms, so we might. So my commitment to spend the time with my family is now done. We are free to do what we want until Saturday's wedding. Woo-hoo! :)


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David said...

praying for you - and for the rest of your trip. It is COLD here again, not freezing, but cloudy and breezy