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08 June 2009

It is done

I would have pics from this weekend, but the upload/download time on this internet connection is very slow. Try to get some soon.

This was, quite honestly, a difficult weekend. It had its very good points, but it had very difficult ones as well. I think i could easily turn this into a whinging rant, but want to focus elsewhere instead. I want to list the good things from my family. This list isn't very easy for me. Truth is, for every good point i have at least ten bad ones, but i want to focus on the positives. Here they are:
  • I appreciate that they taught me to love Jesus, & took us to churches that taught the Word of God.
  • They put a big focus on family & the importance of family connections.
  • They put a funny spin even on the difficult things & taught a love of humour & laughter.
  • Mother taught me to sew & to do it properly.
  • Daddy taught me to ride a bike & later to drive a stick shift.
  • They built a lovely home in which for us to live.
  • We were able to have animals on their property. I had three horses when i was growing up.
  • They grew a garden & fed us healthy food (i didn't appreciate this & all the work it took until very recently).
  • They did (once i was a teenager) encourage my friends to come to the house sometimes.
  • Mother allowed me to sing with a youth choir & drove me to all the practices.
  • They paid for me to have violin lessons, piano lessons, & voice lessons.
  • They allowed me to babysit at a young age.
  • They allowed me to have a waitress job when i was old enough.
  • I was allowed to use that money to purchase contacts (i hated glasses - i still do!)
  • They taught me to take responsibility for my actions & to live responsibly.
  • They taught me empathy for others.
  • Since i've been an adult they have been supportive of many of the choices i've maed & they have been quite generous as well.
  • They did indeed stay married for 50 years & upheld that commitment to one another.
Ok, this list was a little different. I wrote it a couple of days ago & finished it, but i've been having trouble with my computer connection & the last part was lost. I may later whinge on some of these points, but i'll do it at blog of lists. :)

I do want to honor my parents for what they have done.


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David said...

you have done a good job of sorting and sifting the elements of your life so that you can use the useful parts and let the harmful stuff stay in the past where it belongs. I am learning from you, and your writings here.