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19 June 2009


Actually, we got home Tuesday afternoon, but i didn't want to post until i had pics to add. I was lazy Wednesday & didn't get out to do the pics until yesterday. And it has often been overcast & cloudy so i had to time my pics as well. Weather has been below normal temps tho yesterday did get to 71 F. The lows have been in the 30s, & one night even under freezing.

But we returned home to find the roses
blooming & the apples & peaches growing well.

The apples.

The peaches. I was worried because this tree was so loaded, but the tree is taking care of that itself. A number of peaches have stopped growing. They fall off at the slightest brush of my fingers. The ones the tree feels it can support stay put firmly. The tree isn't very big, & i have brushed off quite a number, but we still have many, many left. I'm hoping this means the ones that are left will be sweet & full of nutrients!

Tuesday was also my birthday, & coming home was the best present i could have. Duane took me to dinner, & didn't even fuss when i ordered food i shouldn't eat (i love manicotti!). Other than that i kind of forgot it was my bd. My ILs had given me a gift earlier & my MIL baked gluten-free brownies for me on Monday. I'd told Duane i wanted my present to be the massage i got while we were in Cumberland Falls. So by the actual day we'd already done a lot of celebrating.

Yesterday was the "Women's Birthday Luncheon" where the women of the church go to lunch together, but it isn't very tied to birthdays, we go whether there is one or not. We usually have about 10 show up, +/- depending on the season.
It is my job to call all potential ladies to get a head count & then call the restaurant either for reservations or to warn them we're coming! Some places in this tiny town don't do reservations. I've 22 ladies on my list to call, but it sure seems like more.

Mac & Jazz seem very happy to have us home. Mac must have been stressed by our leaving, he's sneezing. When we moved to Big Bear we boarded both cats at the vet for a few days (& Jazz became a male less male parts) & both cats
got some virus. It resolved, but since then, when stressed the virus will recur. It doesn't seem to bother Jazz much, but Mac has had it come back a couple of times.

The first day home, particularly, Mac seemed to waver between being very glad we were home & very angry that we had left. Jazz is very matted & rather dirty so we can't help but wonder what he's been into. Our theory is that he somehow managed to get into the fireplace behind the wood stove insert. It kind of looks like soot on him. And i did not leave my home dirty! I promise!

Anyway, i'm so thrilled to be home. Don't want to leave again for a long time. I was talking with one lady yesterday. I'd guess her to be in her early 60s. She & her husband are leaving for Egypt soon. They do a lot of traveling. She says they are going to the "harder" countries first while they are still physically able to do harder traveling, & saving other places like European countries for when they are older & less able to travel.

I'm very glad for her, of course, that they are able to do what they want & enjoy to do, but that is not my desire. Which is a good thing. This trip made it clear to me that i'm more limited than i was willing to acknowledge, so i couldn't. But i also don't have much desire to travel. This could change someday, but for now i'm happy to be home, stay home. If i don't see all the wonders of the world, i expect to see them in the New World, Heaven, as they were meant to be.

When i first moved to Long Beach (Los Angeles County) i read a book written in the 20s & set in the area. The things she was writing of - the countryside & flora & fauna - have long been lost under housing developments & shopping centers. I found myself longing for heaven to see Los Angeles as it was meant to be.

I'm content that if i don't see these things here, i will experience them in greater joy when i get to Heaven.



Amrita said...

Nice to be home and see all the lovely fruit and flowers doing so well.

David said...

good post, good perspective. you are a good friend

Stacey said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you made it home safely. I always enjoy seeing your pictures!