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15 June 2009

Just Pics of our trip



Curly Muse said...

The pictures are just too beautiful. I hope you got lost in the beauty of it!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics! Hope you were refreshed. Could you send me the link to the lemonade stand post? I tried before getting sick :( to find it but couldn't and would like to post now. Thanks!

Kathryn said...

Ok, i HAVE to comment on the pics!

#1 is a road near where my Grandpa's house was & i always thought it the loveliest drive ever. If i lived nearby i would do this view all 4 seasons of the year. Driving down a bit farther the tree cover is so heavy that the road is DARK. I love this. There are more pics, but none of the others show what i think the beauty & mystery of this drive elicits in me.

#2 dark falls. This is the "moonbow." The pic is close to what we saw, except we saw no color. It was full moon that night. Duane rigged up a tripod & gave this 30 second exposure. If you enlarge it, the pic is very grainy because of this. This also took some computer manipulation for it to show up at all. The light in the pic is moonlight.

#3 the same falls from a hiking trail. Duane took this on a hike with my sisters & niece. (It is illegal to do those trails at night in the park because too many people have been injured or died in walking off the edge, etc.)

#4 different falls, i think this is Eagle Falls, on that same hike. (I was in bed that day.)

#5 raccoons seen (& fed) from a balcony outside the hotel. I'm told the kitchen staff puts out food scraps for them regularly so they will come visit. Most of our pics of the raccoons are blurry. BTW, the raccoons showed very good taste in turning their noses up at Cheetos & preferring something with nutrition in it.

#6 the bouquet friend Darling Dawn created for us from her garden. She wanted to "brighten" our hotel room. It also did that for the cup holder in our car! Wish we had taken more of it as it continued to be beautiful as the flowers opened more.

#7 pond/fountain in Darling Dawn's yard.

#8 forget-me-nots in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

#9 i think these falls are along the Kanawha River in WV. We traveled route 60 & came across them unexpectedly. Very pretty & the pics don't do them justice.

#10 Great Smoky Mountain National Park. They look like wild azaleas to me (or "Azaleas Gone Wild"!).

#11 View near Clingman's Dome in same national park. It is the highest point in the park at 6,643 feet. There was too much cloud cover to take the 360 higher pics from the top. The brochures warned about the altitude, but as we live higher than this, we didn't worry about it too much.

David said...

happy pics happy that you are

Meadowlark said...

My mom used to have a pet raccoon (no pictures) and we have a squirrel bungee jumper for feeding them corn. Those critters are hilarious!

Curly Muse said...

I am also itching to talk about my pictures...

LOL I loved the smoky mountains.. next monday I will post pictures of my three trips there!

Amrita said...

Ethereal, divine beauty. God blessed you to witness it.

Cascia said...

Beautiful photos! I bet you had a great time.