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05 July 2009

Post 4th of July

Well, our friends didn't make it to see us. Disappointment reigns.

I did make the cookies! Duane loves them. You can find the recipe here at Gluten-free
Easily. The changes i made are surprisingly few. Her recipe calls for 2 C flour, 1-1/4 fine white rice, 3/4 cornstarch. And she emphasizes that this is important & that many other flour mixes (particularly Bob's Red Mill Mix, which is a primary ingredient in my flour mix) will not work. So i did 1 cup that was 3/4 (roughly) fine white rice, the rest of the C some sweet rice, & a little amaranth & teff. The other cup i did primarily cornstarch, & the rest was tapioca starch & coconut flour. (I LOVE coconut flour! Smells sooooo good! And it has a good flavor.)

Other than that, i stuck to the recipe pretty closely. I did a little more than 1-1/2 C of packed brown sugar so that i could finish off the bag. And the granulated stuff i used to fill the rest to 2 C is an odd, large-granule, brown sugar. But it came out great, & Duane likes them, especially fresh out of the oven. I baked 2 dozen (& they are all about gone, now) & the rest i rolled in parchment paper & put in the fridge to bake at a later time. Probably tonight since Duane likes them so. I used Dagobah semi-sweet chocolate drops. I will say that the bittersweet of this particular chocolate is VERY apparent in the cookie. I used just over 1 cup. Next time i would probably use just a little less.

When we first moved to Sugarbear i had a hard time telling the squirrels apart. They all looked about the same. I joked to Duane that i was going to paint numbers on them: 1, 2, 3, etc., so that i could tell them apart. I'm finding now that i CAN tell them apart, but it
makes me sad. One little guy has pulled most of the hair off his tail. I watched him do it one day. Another has a croggled ear. Another has a hole in his ear from fighting. Another has scars on his face & tail problems. And another has his face all torn apart from fighting with the other squirrels.

A lot of folks up here hate squirrels. They'd just as soon see them wiped off the face of the earth. "Rats with (bushy) tails" i hear often. But Duane & i enjoy the little guys. I've even read up on what i could find about the squirrels. Evidently there hasn't been much
study done on squirrels. I have read that a diet of sunflower seeds & peanuts is not good for them. Raw peanuts especially are not good & will make them ill; if you are going to feed peanuts they should be roasted. I do give the squirrels these things, 'cause we can't afford much more. But i also add in pumpkin seeds, & nuts (if i buy mixed nuts, however, Kathryn takes the pecans!). We just can't afford to feed too many nuts. I've done pine/pinion a few times, but those are very expensive.

I just wish our little guys wouldn't fight so.


I'm so glad i made the doctor appointment for next week (Tuesday). Making those cookies took everything i had, tho i tried very hard to balance pacing myself & pushing myself. I spent most of the rest of the day resting.

I'm a little afraid of that appointment because i know some folks have a lot of stuff
removed from their diets. I don't do a lot of baking, but if he removes many of my flours i'll be even more limited. I'm afraid of having nightshades taken away - i love tomatoes! (I don't like peppers. If i slice them up they are ok, but i've never really learned to like them. I keep buying them because i hear they are so healthy, but then i have a hard time making myself eat them.) What if he takes away corn, or raw milk, or . . . ??? I know i need to do what i can to be healthier, but it feels i already have so many limitations on my diet, i'm dreading having more added.

Ok, i'm being a glass half empty girl here, & usually i think of myself as a gal who sees the glass half full. If it turns out i do have more food allergies & things i should not eat, i will learn it! And then i will know the things to avoid to help me feel better! Even if it means a diet of eggs, carrots, spinach, & water for a while, if it helps me recover my energy to live it will be worth it! And i will KNOW why i can't lose weight & am so utterly exhausted much of the time. And so it WILL be worth it to avoid certain foods.


I'm finding i love our new schedule so much, already. I'm surprised to learn how much i had been dreading Mondays, following Sundays. This gives me the feeling of having more time to get things done & not feeling rushed on Sundays. Also, i need to do some banking tomorrow (i have an account at a Mountain Bank up here that i can't access
from anywhere else). If we were going down tomorrow it would have to wait until Thursday to get done. We probably won't make the Farmer's market this week, however. I will have to be in OC by about 10.30, & so won't have the time this week to add it in. I bought a watermelon last week that was simply to die for. Best watermelon i've had this year. Also some peaches & apricots that were wonderful.

This image is just 'cause i found it & i love Snoopy!

Mr. Pulled-the-Hair-out-of-His-Tail Squirrel is outside looking for goodies. I'm going to give him some.


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