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14 August 2009


Subtitle: How Many Times Does Kathryn Have to be Hit in the Head With a Baseball Bat Before She Learns???

When i had the chiropractor reset my shoulder/clavicle/scapula the other day, i also had him do a nutritional consult because i can't seem to clear this stupid rash. I've tried everything i know based on past experience (tho it was nothing like this!) & what i've read. Natural, of course, although i eventually went to a hydrocortisone cream. But that cream only helped with the itching, not curing the rash at all.

The chiropractor uses kinesology to do this testing. Kinesology is kind of a "woo-woo" practice in that many claim (especially Mister Know-It-All Stephen Barrett from Quackwatch) that there is no scientific evidence, etc., etc. The problem is, for simple, inexpensive things, there are not ever going to be scientific studies because the studies cost money & there is not much money to be made from simple, natural practices.

I was pretty skeptical about kinesology at first. However, i can state that the doc has found stuff with kinesology that i later had verified by lab work or whatever. After having it come out right so many times i'm to the place where i trust it more often than not.

Anyhooo - i had him test me. And he told me quickly that i wasn't healing because of a food allergy. He was going to go thru them one at a time, & i said, "Cut to the chase, test me for gluten." Of course it came out positive. He tested for the others to be sure we weren't missing something, & i didn't test positive for anything else.

So he told me, "Your body is fighting the gluten & cannot heal itself. The rash will continue until you have cleared the gluten from your body."

I've played with being gluten-free on & off for years. I've also labored under the delusion that "i'm not all that sensitive." Yeah, right.

Well, in the past that may have been true. I could, sometimes, eat quite a bit of gluten without it bowling me over with a migraine or higher pain level or whatever. But sometimes it just blows me out of the water.

So, i have mostly done a reduced gluten diet. But, to have some breading, or to get some because i scrape the filling from a pie crust didn't seem to be that big a deal to me before.

Time to change that. I've called Duane to hold me accountable (although to his credit, he was already trying). No more "oh, a little won't hurt me" nonsense. 100% total gluten-free. To get it into my head: ZERO gluten, Kathryn!

I've a lot on my mind today. A lot of things i want to talk about, tolerance, intolerance, medical care, some of the comments from the last post that Alane (so nice to know your name!) from Land of Shimp. BTW, i'd love to know about the origin of your title. Maybe you're already written on it & i missed it.

But this is a long post, it is after 11 AM & i need to do something today! I'm feeling much better today, thank you. I had chiro adjustments to my shoulder two days running, & used my favorite pain cream, Boswellin Cream by Nature's Herbs. It really helps so
much. AND, i'm suppose to get a massage in the next couple of days.

Oh, & the pics here have nothing to do with what i wrote. I just pulled some of my favorite random images from the 7,760 photos on my iphoto. If you have been reading this long, you should know that i'm proud of that number! I have spent the last week or so removing over 1,500 pics from the computer.



Land of shimp said...

Oh, diet restrictions! Never fun, but hey, it will be worth it to feel better. There are some good recipes out there on the net for gluten free pie crusts, etc. Substitution, not deprivation! I'm sorry you're going to have to be so strict about your intake.

BTW, i'd love to know about the origin of your title. Maybe you're already written on it & i missed it.

My user name? No problem. It's not a riveting story or anything, it's a nickname :-) My nickname is Shimp (no R), it's basically just a nonsense thing that came about from joking around with friends.

So that's all the title means, "Land of Me" :-)

You know what's funny, I noticed a while back that you had misread it as Land of Shrimp, which if fine, because Shimp isn't a word, and Shrimp is. It makes perfect sense that your mind would edit a nonsense word into one with sense.

Believe it or not, if my blog name was Land of Shrimp, that would have meaning to a lot of fans of Joss Whedon, oddly enough. But that would be a very long explanation :-)

Anonymous said...

Aaahhh, no gluten. Hmmmm. I shall be praying. We can hold each other mutually accountable. You, no gluten. Me, no dairy or yeast or vinegar.
I'm making better choices, but still have a ways to go.
Love to you!

Amrita said...

Love your bear mat. We have tiger one in India which I secretly desire

byhisgracealone said...

I am on strict restrictions also...for varying am concentrating dilegently on veggies, some fruit, protein, very very low carbs...if you're thinking diabetic, you thought have to shed some pounds in hopes of preventing full blown scenario....and besides I need to eat better than I already thought I was....

haven't been around the blogging world much.....lots of gardening is keeping me busy...

I am being lazy and dont want to search your archives....but did you end up in Gatlinburg on your recent trip to Tenn....looking for some neat places to stay when we visit next month.

my prayers include you and duane each day....hugs sweet lady...


Reesacat said...

Funny-we must be related:)
My tell-tale sign of accidental gluten is cranky rash that will not clear up.
Had some hidden in a vitamin took me 6 weeks to figure out.
Hope you heal fast:)

Rosemary said...

Good luck and I will be pulling for you to succeed with the gluten-free diet. Luckily there are lots of resources out there to help you make recipes that will taste good and keep you well. I will be following to see your progress.

Hugs from your east coast superhero (retired)!