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15 August 2009

TMI Revisited

A few days ago i wrote about trying a no shampoo method of keeping my hair clean. I first came across the idea at Keeper of the Home at this post. It didn't really gel with me at the time, but later when i had issues with allergies to shampoo i decided to give it a try.

Well, i came across this at another blog today (can't report which, sorry, i was blog-hopping). So i did a Google search on "no 'poo" & discovered that there is a lot written about this! Many blogs & even a product called "No 'Poo" tho i think i had heard of that before. I thought i'd mention it here, because one of the things often commented about is a "transition phase" where your hair is oilier than normal when you first make the switch. Consensus seems to be that normal product strips your scalp of all oil & your body ramps up oil production to balance that. So it may take your body a while to adjust to the new normal.

So far, i've not hit a transition phase. However, i use a heavy, heavy paste that is not much more than slightly damp baking soda. I measured & what i'm using is 1/3rd cup BS, 1-1/2 tsp soap nut liquid, & 2 TB aloe vera juice. However, i don't use all that on my hair! About half of that is on my hair, & the rest i use as a soft soap paste with a tiny amount of soap to clean the rest of me. It has helped a little with the rash (or i choose to perceive that it does) & the skin on my face is smoother & softer than it has been in some time.

Also, from what i read, as i do this longer i can probably go to a much more liquid form of this - 1 part BS to 6 parts water. But i think using the heavier paste now is helping with "transition phase." I was using the cider vinegar straight, but every one else dilutes it. I tried it diluted today & wasn't thrilled with the immediate result, but my hair hasn't dried yet, so i don't know the total result. And some folks don't like the smell of ACV, & so they put a vanilla bean or essential oil in the vinegar to counter that. Truth is, after it has been rinsed & dried i never smell the vinegar. But i tried putting a couple of cinnamon sticks & a small piece of minature coconut in it. Don't know the result yet, 'cause it hasn't soaked long enough.

I had a massage last night & it was wonderful! Rita is very good & works at listening to her client & following their direction. I'm comfortable enough with her that i can tell her when she's working too deep, with often is a problem for me when working with someone else. I KNOW as a client & as a massage therapist that the person working on me can't tell when it is too deep, but it is hard for me to stop them (especially as a couple of them will argue with me about it & i have a harder time with that).

Also, i made a quiche from this blog recipe, & i thought it soooooo good! I made it with mushrooms, a little zuccini, & onions; also more cheese than was called for. Duane wasn't so enamored by it, but i thought it very good. I used gluten-free flour, of course, with a little salt, baking powder & baking soda added to make it "self-rising." I added the baking soda because i think the milk i used was a little sour.

Gotta go & do things, but i do have one question: What's up with folks putting music on their blogs? If you do this, please don't be offended, but i find it very irritating. Most of the time i am on without speakers, & i turn the speakers on when i want to listen to something. I also have the tendency to open many windows & go from one to the next, closing the window after i'm finished. When i come across something i WANT to hear & i find there is other stuff already on, i have to go search out which blog is playing what & turn it off.

Sorry, but i'm highly noise sensitive, & while you may really love the music on your blog, i have issues. However, if you do, 90% of the time i don't know it 'cause i keep my speakers off. So, i guess i'm a minority on the music/noise issue.

Thanks for letting me vent! :)

P.S. - the ears are perfect cups. Rinse well or you'll end up with baking soda deposits! Google no 'poo if you want other options - folks use lots of other things mixed with it.

P.P.S. - need more vinegar. I notice, for me, that if i don't have a good vinegar rinse my hair is heavy, hard to manage, & easily tangled. (It is mid-back length.) Will a good vinegar rinse it is soft, shiny, & easy to manage.

Oh, & go check out this post by Gitz/Sara Frankl. Well worth the read no matter what you're struggling with.



Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Kathryn .. here's the link to the homemade powder or stick deodorant I mentioned a few comments back. Think I'll make a batch tonight and report back .. let me know if you try it.


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how perfect for a deodorant comment, eh??

Rosemary said...

well, this is an interesting post - I'm 100% you on your shampoo-less adventures, but I don't think I could do it.

I used to have music up on my blog, but I realized that even I got tired of hearing it when I opened it up, so I figured that everyone might be feeling that way too! You won't offend anyone, you said it awfully nicely!