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06 August 2009

New fun something

I just learned how to do this at Big Huge Labs.

Same images, two different configurations. There is a meme that goes with it. I may try it tomorrow.

But now i've all kinds of ideas for themes for a mosiac: the mountains, the snow, our trips, more flowers (Duane does such a beautiful job with them, our cats, oh, lots!

From my "vast" experience of three summers in Big Bear, i have to say that the only month that really feels like summer to me is July. I'm not complaining! June is usually still quite cool, especially at night. July gets in the 80s during the day & 50s at night. We have just gotten home from down the hill. When we reached the altitude of 7,000 ft we opened the windows & the breeze that came in was cooler than the air conditioning. We have a breeze blowing right now & it is quite cool. Fall is coming! The trees won't begin turning for a month or six weeks, but we are on the cool side of summer now.

The tomato plants that had no fruit are looking good, but i don't know if they will do anything. The ones that had fruit already don't seem to like having been transplanted.



Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just blog hopping and found your blog....i want to learn to do them...
I enjoyed your post and will be back to read more. I have a GREAT giveaway going through Sunday night...$100 Surprise Gift....with a little Christmas to go along with it.

Anna Gray said...

Hi Kathyrn! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment was very nice.

That is so cool how you got the pics up top to do. So neat! :0) said...

lovely photos!! very pretty flowers. the summer is going wayyyy too fast for me!! i loved July and i want to cry that august is flying by!!

David said...

welcome back - and beware the tomato eating squirrels
I could use some work on my back as I am doing a tile job ouch!

Land of shimp said...

Aw, those are quite fun! It's amazing how beautiful and intricate a flower truly is. You get a tremendous sense of that in the diversity of the images you put together!

Very nicely done!

Kelli said...

Oh I love flowers...that's so cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog...have a wonderful week!

Kelli @ My Roller Coaster Life