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08 September 2009

? No title in mind ?

The migraine i had last night was severe. I woke up several times in the night with it raging. But it was starting to let go this AM, & now it is gone, even tho i've not yet done a chiro adjustment.

Last night i also slept 7 hours (not uninterrupted) & that was a first for over a week. I don't know why this was so difficult for me, but for some reason i found this visit very hard. But the problem seemed to be me, nothing that was said or done. (Some of the problem may have been things that were NOT said, but that's neither here nor there.)

I have to say i had a great sense of relief today when we each drove our separate ways & i knew that they are now my sister's "responsibility." I'm not even sure what i mean by that, but i guess i felt responsible for their stay with us. My sis is 9 years younger than i & has a relationship with them that is very different than that which i have with them.

I meant to take a pic of Sugarbear with the trim now done, but haven't done it yet. Lots of time. But here is a pic of my sis painting yesterday. I took her at her word that she enjoys painting & put her to work.

And these are the pics of the cabinet that was built. This is
the closet under the stairs. The kitchen is to the right (on the other side of the calendar). The top two shelves are permanent, stationary. (I had to look that up to remember the correct stationary/stationery.) Below that we had a wire cart that was not very big or stable which i was using to hold canned goods & other kitchen stuff. Behind all this, deep in the closet we keep our Christmas stuff. So we only get into that about twice a year (pull it out, put it back). But i needed a movable cart underneath. So this is just perfect. It is on wheels, & is deep, so the shelves slide out. It would not work if i had to get behind that cart frequently, or if it was permanent.

I'm so thankful
for this! It will be such a help as i've not much storage space in the kitchen.

My mother was complimentary. She said i've our home well organized. And, over all, i do. We were looking for something this week, a trowel i think, that had NOT been put back where it belongs. Then finding it is quite a job, but over all we are good at returning tools & things to their assigned places. It is rare in our house to have to search for keys or a tape measure. Papers (& occasionally cell phones) are another matter. But we are working at perfecting our system.

Once again we had blue, blue, blue sky coming down the mountain. Then we reached the point where we could see the distance & this is what we saw. Yuck!

You may need to blow it up, right now it is
looking like a blue cloud in this pic, but it is truly a brownish-yuck. I assume that it is smoke that is contributing. We often come down to something that looks awful, but usually not this bad. Now that we are IN it (yes, it hurts to breathe!) visibility is limited. We can see a long way when we are above it!

However, there is a gem hid in all this. :) Thursday is our anniversary, & so we are going home tomorrow as soon as i've finished work (i'll be done about 6.30 PM). Yeah! Then we will be headed back up the road this way, only so much better. (Home is not so desert as this view.)

Thanks for your patience with me the past few weeks, & all your sweet encouragement & prayers. It does mean so much to me, thank you!

Oh, P.S. - that was a coyote in the pic a couple of posts down. And yes, near home. That is the house across the street. That is why our cats do not go outside - tho they are not convinced of the necessity of our precautions! Coyotes are not generally a problem for people. The neighbor's chickens had better be well protected, however!

Also, a disclaimer: the Campbell's soup in the pic is on hand for Duane. I don't touch the stuff!


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Anonymous said...

Love the new cabinet, love the paint trim, love it all. Glad you are able to celebrate your anniversary in Sugarbear.