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04 September 2009


So far, so good on the visit.

But shoot! This is the second day in a row i've been awake before 5 AM. The two days before that were before 6 AM. And this, falling asleep after midnight. Wed & Thur i assumed it was because i was on an uncomfortable bed, but today i'm home in my own bed with the room darkened.

Have to say, i must still be
pretty anxious.

Have had a migraine off & on since Monday & lack of sleep contributes greatly to that. But i've had a chiropractic adjustment, CranioSacral, AND acupuncture this week. Just think how bad it would be without all that.

It IS going well. It may get harder as time goes on, or it may not. My sister will arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon. I've meals planned in much more detail than is typical for me/us. We've a project planned (a small cabinet for a closet) & we will do some "sight seeing" around the lake. It WILL be fine, i just wish i could sleep more.

Thank you for your prayers & good wishes. Doubt i'd be doing so well without them.

OK - i have to edit in a post script here. I've been following Mike Leonen at Something about Parenting for some time. He commented a few times on my blog a while back & i've been following him since. He doesn't post on his blog often, but i love his stories about his kids (FUNNY!) & als his illustrations. He just posted a website of his illustrations. It isn't complete, but the pics you can view are creative & precious. Check it out at You can tell him i sent you, or not. :)



Rosemary said...

I'm still sending you good vibes that things continue well! I think having all of the planning (menus, etc.) is going to be good to keep things on an even keel.

Best of luck!

Bob-kat said...

Sounds like you are having a difficult time so I hope it passess soon. Migraines are the worst thing to contend with at a trying time too. Sending big hugs as it sounds like your family cause you stress adn I know what that cna feel like!

Love the squirrel pics :)