My favorite folks ! :)

21 October 2009


Caught a cold. Nothing much but a stuffy head & drippy nose & a bit of a sore throat. But a cough is developing (my weak spot) & i'm just resting.

Had a good visit with my sis. Put her on the train back to San Diego yesterday afternoon. Was going to drive her but then wasn't up for it.

Bought more yarn & a pattern i love! Am having fun with that.

Resting. Hope y'all are doing well.



Rosemary said...

hope you are having some tea and a little rest here and there. Just take care and get better soon!

can't wait to see what lovely project you make with your yarn and new pattern.

lisa said...

Hope you get to feeling better! Take care!

Amrita said...

Oh you por giel, colds are such a downer. Take care and take plenty of nutrition.

Glad you had a nice visit from your sister.

Surprised to hear of the train trip. I have the impression that most people in N America like to travel by road

donna said...

feel better soon..
hugs and prayers
love ya


Rosemary said...

Missing you, hoping you are on the mend!

Stacey said...

Hope you rest and feel better soon!