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18 October 2009

The Winner!

I didn't specify folks had to be right! I entered everyone who wanted to (Shimp indicated she didn't want to be entered) the old fashioned way. We put the names & # on slips of paper & my sis pulled the winner out of a cup.

And she pulled - Number 7! Lisa of South View Farm!

I'm posting that to you, Lisa. We'll email & make arrangements.

The first item was a bed warmer. In the days before electric mattress pads or blankets they would put coals from the fire in this & rub it between the sheets to warm the mattress before climbing in. (No heat in the bedrooms in those days, either.)

The second is a darning egg. I was most surprised by Kelle's answer. I didn't know anyone still darns socks. I do know it takes some talent for if you don't do it well it creates calluses.

The third is a button hook for shoes. It is quite heavy as those buttons on the shoes were stiff & hard to pull thru the leather.

Thank you all for entering & taking the time to read my humble blog. Wish i could give away gifts to all.
Miessence is really wonderful.



Amrita said...

Congratulations to the winner.

I like the bed warmer. Its like a covered frying pan.

Just like we have our hot water bottles.

Rosemary said...

Congrats and this was fun - my mom still has that darning egg somewhere. She's probably hiding it thinking I'm going to bean a sibling!

lisa said...

Thank you so much! I new right away what the first one was and the last one but the second one being as I am no sewer had no idea. But now I do! Thank you again:)

Cheri Pryor said...

Congrats to Lisa!! The game was fun. Love to look at old things and figure out what they were used for. Antique shops are full of fun!! lol!