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09 October 2009

An Award!

Isn't that lovely? I honestly can't imagine that i'm "creative" in my blogging, but it is so nice to be thought so. :) Thank you so much, Wannabemommy, it is so very kind of you to think of me. Here is the link to her blog. She once sang at the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Go say hi to her & give her a hug as she's had a hard month.

(Ok, i have to admit with my weird eyesight & dys.lexia i read the button as cretin at first. LOL)

I've only been nominated for one of these awards before. It was back in April, & you can see it here, if you're interested.

Here are the instructions that go with this:

1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7-Leave a comment on each of the blogs
letting them know they’ve been nominated.

Ok, here goes. Seven things you don't know about me?

1 - we don't use traditional toilet paper dispensers in our house. Our kitties love to make tp (or paper towel) snow. After they've been at it we have knee high drifts of little shreds. To protect the tp & have less trash to pick up, we pull the center cardboard roll out of the tp & put it in a tissue box dispenser. You pull what you need out like you would tissue. Problem solved & Duane is less stressed at the waste & i don't have to clean it up.

2 - i kill plants. Don't mean to, but i'm really awful at keeping them going. I'm rather proud of the rosemary i've sustained for about 2 years now & the aloe vera that is growing great.

3- i made most of my own clothes in high school. Currently it has been several years since i made any clothing, tho i've a beautiful dress cut out ready to go.

4 - (maybe related?) i never had a single date in high school.

5 - i have 50 first cousins actually related to me (not step-kids). I don't know them all for some of them were either a lot younger or a lot older than i & a couple of those families i never spent time with. And to get this number, i have 17 aunts & uncles actually related, i'm not counting spouses.

6 - i have a double first cousin. Her dad is one of my dad's younger brothers & her mama is my mother's youngest sister. (No, i didn't count her twice in the 50!) Their family was rather unique for a while & lived in a teepee in the woods. The parents didn't stay married & i've other cousins from that aunt & uncle, but not doubly related.

7 - i usually hate background noise, including music. I find it distracting. I love to sing & if i can give music my undivided attention i have it on. I also hate the sound of running water, it makes me very nervous. Also the sounds of vacuum cleaners, snow or leaf blowers, lawn mowers, chain saws & any other saw too. Guess you could say my hearing is extremely sensitive & noises bother me. I love living where it is quiet, but i'm still aware of all the noise. I'm currently very aware of my computer running, Duane on the phone in the other room, a car that just went by, the dog barking down the street, the squirrel that just landed on my deck, & the school buzzer rang 1/2 mile away. Yeah, i can go crazy in OC if i think about it at all! And this is part of the reason i was so crazy at the sleep study. The CPAP machine noise invoked a great deal of anxiety for me.

Ok, that was hard! It seems i blog about practically everything, so i couldn't think of things i'd not said! Oh, i just thought of an eighth! My middle name is Roux. How is that for different?

And it will be hard to pick only seven folks of all the ones i read.

1 - Rosemary She does lots of creative things including cards. She's got a whole room in her new house with which to be creative.

2 - Jo She is in Western Canada, & has a unique take on the world. Her posts are always novel & creative & thought provoking.

3 - Alane Her nickname is Shimp (which i read as "Shrimp" & calls her blog "Land of Shimp" so i wondered if she were in Lousiana or something). Alane is simply wonderful & kind & delightful & i consider her creative beyond the ken of most folks. Funny, too, i don't know if i found Jo thru Alane, or Alane thru Jo.

4 - For creativity, you can't beat Mike Leonen. You've got to check out his artwork & illustrations. He also does photography. He doesn't post often, but when he does i almost always laugh. You'll have to go about half way down the page but he's several posts of things his kids said that are just delightful.

5 - For simply beautiful design you have to check out Abigail. I've been reading her mama's blog for a few months, & now follow her grandmama's blog too. This delightful young lady designed them. I don't know much about blog page design, but let me tell you Abigail's are lovely. She also has created a funny recurring McLinky called "Short Answers." She has 3 younger brothers & she asks them questions (often as funny as the answers) such as "What is your most cherished memory?" & "How old is mom?" & "What does a Sheriff do?" & "Where does electricity come from?"

6 - I can't skip Jessie. She has 4 little ones (Thing 1, Thing 2, The Bubba, & PeeWee) & writes the most amusing stories & posts delightful pics. She is gluten-free also & has great recipes, sometimes. Her life is very full & busy, yet she has time for a delightful blog. She says of herself: . . .
I homeschool a second grader and a kindergardener. I also wrestle a toddler and an infant. We have a 5 acre farm with horses, dogs, chickens, pigs and barn cats. I like to ride my horse, take pictures, tell stories, bake, sing, read, garden, craft . . .

7 - And, Tina. This will probably be quite a surprise to her for i doubt she has any idea i follow her. She is the daughter of some folks from our church down the hill. I was told of this blog by dear friend Cindy. Tina doesn't post often as she is the very busy mama of three adorable children. But her blog & the crafts she does are incredibly creative.

Ok, that WAS hard. I follow about 100 blogs (you can see those from my profile page & that link is at the very bottom). And i love all the blogs i follow. Fortuantely for me not everyone writes daily, so i'm not reading 100 posts per day tho i would want to!

Now i'm off to let folks know i did this.



Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, you certainly are creative and deservethat award.

I to read more about you.
I wish i could sow.

WannabeMommy said...

Thanks for the nod ;-) You certainly do deserve this award! Enjoy....

Rosemary said...

Aw, thank you so much! I will do the things for this as I get back into the swing of life from the relaxing pace of a vacation! I've missed being able to run over and read your blog so I'm going to catch up and go backwards!!!

Rosemary said...

By the way, those are some cool facts about you. My cats aren't into the tp snow like they used to be, lucky me, but you came up with a creative solution.

One thing that amazed me, no dates in high school?? You're lovely (no, not bs'ing you or being smarmy - I mean it) and I'm thinking it is one of those situations pretty women have where all the guys think they don't stand a chance and are afraid to get shot down so they don't try.

Jo said...

Wow! Congratulations on your award! You deserve it. :-) And thank for for passing it on to me. I consider it a great honor.

I love your list. I don't like background music, either. In fact, I can't tolerate noise of any kind. I like to hear the birds singing, but I don't want to hear the neighbor's stereo or their car alarms...!

Abigail Kraft said...

Thanks so much for the award Kathryn! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and like my designs. :) I definitely gain a lot of joy out of doing it and being able to make such great friends out of it! You're too sweet. :)

Thanks again!