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11 October 2009

Communication . . . in genders

I'm lying in bed with two kitties snuggled up against me looking out at an incredibly blue October sky. :) It is Jazz who is nearest to me which is unusual, so i'm taking advantage of it to get in all the petting i can. He does shed awfully, however, so i have to keep removing white hair from my fingers.

Ben's weather tells me that it is 57 outside (with a mild breeze) & the low last night was 21. Chance of showers expected Tue & Wed, but snow level will be above 10,000 Ft. (We are at nearly 7,000 here.) I've some things to do in the house today, but we might later go out & cut down some of the wood in our woodpile (most are too big for the woodbox).

I did two massages yesterday. Well, three, actually. The last one was two half hours for a couple here celebrating an anniversary, but i only had to shlep my table once. And i did it myself. I usually take Duane to do this lift & carry for me. But yesterday he was busy & i told him i could do it myself. Which i did. However, it made me very much appreciate that he usually does it for me. I'd forgotten how heavy the table seems to be to me. (Table & equipment probably weigh about 40 maybe 45 lbs.) And when i came home i slept for at least an hour. (Oh, broke the insomnia cycle rather quickly, for which i'm infinitely grateful.)

Part of me wonders how much longer i'll be able to do these outcalls. But part of me cries, "No! I need my work!" I find it so rewarding to have the opportunity to work on folks. But practicality prevents me from doing marketing to bring in much more business for i wouldn't be able to do much more.

Friday i wanted to go to town but i delayed longer than i planned. So, around 4.30 or 5 i asked Duane if he wanted to go with me.

"Sure," he said. Then, "What are you going to town for?"

"Well, there is a new store, a used bookstore, that i keep driving by, & i'd like to check it out. And i wanted to get some pictures up in Moonridge in the area i was in last week. The views are incredible! And, then on the way home i thought we'd get you a pizza. That is, unless you're tired of pizza from having it too much. Are you?"

I never got a response from this, he was playing a game. I didn't want to wait 20 minutes for his response, so i went downstairs.

Won't give you the blow by blow of the afternoon, but . . . i was getting snapped at when we were in Moonridge & made a wrong turn & i made him retrace about a mile to reach the right road.

You see, all Duane heard was " . . . i thought we'd get you a pizza."

I'd forgotten the camera & we had to go back (we were only a block away). He didn't expect a stop at the bookstore. And he thought it was "a picture of Moonridge." He didn't realize i was "picture hunting." Then he didn't get his pizza as he'd made a comment that made me think he wasn't interested. I changed my mind between a couple of restaurants & we finally got food. We laughed about it when he wasn't starving anymore. But i should have known better than to take him to a bookstore & picture hunting with me. Next time i'll go alone.

But i made it up to him yesterday & got him pizza on my way back from the massage.

(I'll post the pics later tonight or tomorrow. I've not put them on the computer yet.)



Dawn said...

I've had conversations like that with my hubs!
Glad you are able to sleep better now:)

Amrita said...

My doggie sheds too all over the furniture abd on the bed. Inb the winter its too bad as the hair stick to the woolies.
A cousin gave me a book about massage, its really a good one with lots of illustrations and photos. I must try and learn some techniques and maybe practice them on my Mum

Eliza said...

Sometimes it's hard to get "into" stuff when you've got a tummy growling at you! ;)

My new blog is up, would love to have you visit!

justme said...

frustrating...and tough when you have been wanting to go to this place for a while too!

it is weird what our heads allow us to hear.