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04 November 2009

Images of Sugarloaf

I've another migraine. Had it last night but usually i can sleep them off. But it is still here this AM. I had an appt with Kim that i had to cancel & i find that i really needed it! I've been having them more frequently & the chiropractic adjustments don't last as long. I'm not scheduled to see her again until the 19th. I will have Dr. Geske give me an adjustment today.

When i have a migraine it is usually not as extreme as what other folks have. (Kind of, save your sympathy for when i really hurt, LOL.) It is my belief that the migraines i have are a result of a head trauma (horse accident) when i was 11, & so they are atypical. I am a little more light & noise sensitive & it does hurt, but not extremely. Usually i am still able to to work & drive. It is just there & it is a nuisance. I think i need t
o make sure i see Kim every 4 weeks. Part of me balks at the expense, but i have to keep in mind that when i was using meds for this i was probably spending almost as much every month for the meds (not to mention the cost of insurance) as i do seeing Kim.

Anyway, since the coffee stuff worked last week & it is AM, i stopped by a convenience store & bought another one. This one vanilla. But i read the label first. I expected a long list of chemicals but was pleasantly surprised. There is one thing on the list i'd rather not have, but most of the rest of it is ok. I've always been rather
sensitive to caffeine. ("I'm sensitive" is a whole different post!) Many years ago it used to make me "drunk." I'd get giggly & silly & then later need a nap.

It has been said that some men become obsessed with a mountain. But i think those men want to "conquer" the mountain by climbing it. I'm rather obsessed with Sugarloaf Mountain but i want to capture it in pictures.

Sugarloaf is so named because (i'm told) sugar used to be sold in loaves & the shape of the mountain resembles one of the loaves. I have a "permanent" pic of it at the top of my blog, taken from the North Shore of the Lake last winter. (I've decided i want to take 3 more from that same spot & change with the seasons, but i've not gotten that far yet.)

Sugarloaf is also a community at the foot of the mountain, a "sub-division" of Big Bear. Sugarloaf community is just slightly southwest of Sugarbear
(so dubbed by Duane because we are rather between Bear City & Sugarloaf & also because the area of Moonridge that is now stretching close to Sugarloaf is sometimes dubbed "Moonloaf"). Wikipedia says that Sugarloaf ranges in altitude from 6,998 ft above sea level to 7,218. (So Sugarbear is probably at about 6,898 at a guess.) Sugarloaf also has a population of 1,816 because only 2 houses in every 9 has a permanent, full-time resident. Most of the houses are used only on the weekends whether by the owners as a second home or rented to people who come up to ski or enjoy the area. (Summertime our temps rarely even hit 90 F & when it can be 105 or more down the hill people find it a relief to come up. And the lake has a lot of boating & there are a number of camping areas as well.)

Moonridge has almost merged into Sugarloaf, but there is no direct road between the two. And the folks in Moonridge also don't want one as they don't want the traffic. And many of the "Moonloaf" folks don't appreciate the name as Sugarloaf is considered a less desirable area. Moonridge is considered more "prestigious" & is close to the ski hills. Sugarloaf, without a road into Moonridge, has to travel by the main road which makes it much farther from town than as the crow flies. (Spell check doesn't approve of the following words: Moonloaf, Moonridge, Sugarbear, Sugarloaf, Wikipedia.)

This was taken in Moonridge, not far from the golf course.

Moonridge view

Moonridge view

Moonridge view

Moonridge view - i like this one best

East end of Northshore, from on one of the hills

East end of Northshore, from on a hill

East end of Northshore, from on a hill

From our mailbox (yes, that's me on the left) about a block from Sugarbear

From our mailbox

From Sugarbear (we don't have much view of the mountains)

From Highway 38 on the road to leave Big Bear (down "the back way")
this is just east of Sugarloaf community



lisa said...

Just beautiful. I hope your cold is better! I hate migraines! I got my stuff from miessence and I love it. I ordered the body wash! Thank you again!

Dawn said...

May the Lord sing a song of deliverance over your migraine and bless you with a headache-free day:)!


Rosemary said...

I hope you start getting some relief and feel wonderful soon.

I love the photos, an insight on your surroundings (which are beautiful, by the way)