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06 November 2009

Today's adventure . . . and Coming Soon !

Today i went on another picture hunt. I noticed coming up the hill yesterday that the valley south of us (on the other side of our mountain range) still has foliage. Mostly oak that is turning yellow & sometimes orange.

This afternoon i drove to Angeles Oaks & had lunch there (it is a tiny little town with one restaurant.) It is probably about 25 miles from Sugarbear by the road. Because of the way the mountain ranges lie our road is rather shaped like a question mark to reach us. So, i would guess that as the crow flies, Angeles Oaks is about 7 miles from the dam on the west end of Big Bear Lake, but driving that road is more the 40 miles. We are on the east end of the valley, tho, so it isn't quite so far.

But i started out a little late. I left about 1 PM, i think, forgetting that with the time change & being in the mountains there are places that are in the shadow by 3 PM or so. I still got a lot of good pics, but i missed some of the ones i wanted with the sun shining thru the yellow/gold leaves. Also, there was a haze in the valley & coming over the mountains. It was pretty, but a different look than i'd planned.

I did quite a lot of walking, probably a mile all total, to get those pics. I'd pull over into a turn-out & have to walk up or back to get the shot i wanted.

It is 5 PM & while the sky is still light, the sun has set. I'll have to try another time. But i think i'm finished chasing fall color (in the mountains) for this year. Have to save some for next year! Also, when i do this again i need to remember to bring my forest pass. A couple places i stopped were trail heads (even tho they were right off the road) & i could have been ticketed there without my forest pass. I may still do some fall colors in OC as the trees there don't really change (the sweet gums especially) until mid-November or later.

Anyway, i got lots & lots of pictures & i'm anxious to see them. But my hard drive is full. It is 100 G & i can't currently save anything as it is too full to add anything. On our way home yesterday we stopped & got a 340 G (or was it 320?) for me. Yeah ! Also Photoshop. Yeah ! But we haven't done the conversion yet. Plan to tonight. Then i should have lots of room. :) And i'll load those pics & post some.

I've been pushing myself today. Patty came to clean for the first time. She is very efficient. She was done in under 3 hours. She cleaned while i de-cluttered, mostly. I need to work harder at managing paper. It is my biggest clutter issue.

The migraine i had the other day left soon after the doc adjusted me. I had blood drawn Thursday. The doc had ordered 26 tests ! I was rather nervous 'cause i'm hard to draw. I know that they can run multiple tests from one tube, but i still was afraid they'd have to draw 10-14. I was relieved they only needed 7. Plus the guy did a good job (& didn't balk at my wanting a butterfly). And it was a lab i guess not many people use. No one waiting when i got there & i was in & out much quicker than i expected.

Anyway, i'm tired now. It has been a fun day. So wonderful to have the house clean & i had a fun (if tiring afternoon) picture hunting.

It is now 5.12 & almost totally dark outside. Hopefully by tomorrow my computer will be refirbished & i can load (& post) the pics.


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Land of shimp said...

That sounds like a pleasantly eventful sort of day, Kathryn. I hope you enjoyed your lunch, and feel unencumbered by the decluttering process. There's something very freeing about taking away the clutter, and restoring some order. It's a strangely peaceful feeling, even if it is something a bear to tackle.

Take care!