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25 November 2009

Mostly just pics

Sugarbear technically doesn't have a "front door." (Duane's sister went all the way around the house looking for a real door.) We have numerous sliding glass doors & the one facing the road is our front door. When we moved in the front sliding glass door didn't wasn't even keyed. I guess folks previously opened the garage & went in thru that door. That was the first change we made here, getting that door keyed.

I always used to keep different signs/decorations on the front door that changed with the seasons. Since we don't have a front door, i place them under the house number. This works fairly well. We do seem to get quite a lot of wind here, however, & some of these don't work all that well. They bang against the house or blow off. But i usually have something up with the changing seasons.



Anonymous said...

You have a ton of different looks don't you! I love them all... You have a cute house!
I tried to leave a comment earlier but couldn't so I hope it works this time.- altough it might not be under New England's Narrow Road.
(I'm sure it's just me)
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Organizing Mommy said...

LOL! about the clean house yesterday!! I need one of those. Mine would say: "I was organized yesterday, and that's when I started to blog."

Amrita said...

Your collection of signs is so attractive and welcoming. I like the one which says "my house was clean yesterday sorry you missed it" I would have it it on my front door too