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15 November 2009

The pics

I did say we only had a "skiff" of snow, right? It melted off rather quickly. That first pic looks like i did photoshop special effects on it, but it is SOOC, Duane took it thru a window that was wet. I know that this barely qualifies as "snow" especially compared to what some folks are getting, but it was our first snow this year.

And it has been chilly. Last night got down to 14F, tho yesterday the high was 48F, so it isn't terribly cold.

This last pic is cropped from one my nephew posted on Facebook. He & his sis were in the pic, too, but this part caught my eye. If i didn't know that this is Sis #2, i would swear it is my mother. The posture, the shape of the face, the glasses (Sis #2 never had to wear glasses until she reached this age & can't see to read - she's jealous that i don't need reading glasses), the hair are all my mother. Even the turtleneck & the color of the turtleneck are what my mother would wear. What is funny is that this is the sis of the 3 of us who looks the least like our mother.

Isn't it awful what life does to us? LOL


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Amrita said...

That 's a pile of wood Kathy.

( I hope you don 't mind me abreviating your name)

We used to get snow like that in the mountains and more than that too. I had a wood stove in my house and really enjoyed building a fire.

The car in front of the gaage looks very similar to what we have in India.