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13 November 2009


We had our first snow last night!

But it is barely a skiff that will soon melt off, i'm sure. If we get pics i may post some later.

BTW, i meant to mention before - the ski hills here "make" snow for the ski slopes, or some of them at least. We had a cold front come thru a couple of weeks ago. I guess it was good weather to make snow. I know they do this. But it was still something of a shock to drive into town & seen some of the slopes white when i knew we had not yet had snow.

The kiddie sledding slopes have had snow for a couple of weeks now, & a few runs on the mountain.



Meadowlark said...

We had about an inch yesterday that melted and we were supposed to get another 3 today, but I don't see that happening. :(

Dawn said...

Stay warm and safe:)

Amrita said...

Your pictures are verypretty Kathryn.Yje colours and light streaming in.

Wow it must be cold after the snowfall.