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23 January 2010

A few pics

Our pastor called. No church tomorrow. The church has no power, most people can't make it anyway, & they can't get the parking lot plowed. A lot of people are without power he said. Also the land lines in the valley are down, so 9-1-1 doesn't work. Only one road open in & out of the valley & they were allowing only residents in. Lovely skiing, but no one can get to the ski hills!

Out & about today. When everyone is shoveling out we meet more neighbors than ever. People who have lived here a long time say we've not had snow like this here since 1978. Well, we had a very heavy snow in Dec. 2008 & it was pretty close to this. Here is a small sampling of my pics.

(Friday AM) No Fair! We had this shoveled on Thursday!

The deck outside our bedroom Saturday AM

It is this tree in the background that we worry what would happen if it came down someday.

There is still a foot of snow under Duane down to the road!
We are a long way from having a vehicle out to go anywhere.
This is path is what was shoveled at noon today. (Duane did it.)
Don't know if you can see, but i'm standing on asphalt. What is behind me,
12 inches or more is the "plowed road" They got it done some,
but it is more than a foot down to the asphalt from where they plowed.

Think we can get the car out of the garage?

Ah, Sugarloaf Mountain. Isn't it pretty?



Jo said...

Hey...! I love your red hair! It's my favorite color. Everyone in my family is a red-head.

I wish you would send some snow our way. The 2010 Winter Olympics will be in Vancouver soon, and we have tulips blooming. *sigh*

Kathryn said...

I think the delivery folks got confused Jo! LOL

Wish i could send you some of this. It is a bit much for Southern California.

Red hair, or strawberry-blonde like yours, is my favorite, too. :)

VanderbiltWife said...

Oh my goodness! That's a lot of snow! I don't guess we'll ever see that in TN--but you can never say never.

Enjoy the beauty and rest from being out and about. :)

millhill said...

Wow...and you are in Southern CA? The pics are so pretty.. but you sure do have some shoveling to do! Great photo of the chickadee (I think?) And I am very envious of all your sunshine...

Land of shimp said...

*Brunette Representing* ;-) I'm teasing, but we are the forgotten "favorite hair color" group. No one likes us best! ;-)

I'm being goofy, Kathryn, ignore me. I always respond to pretty pictures of snow by reverting to being goofy. I know it's a bit of a pain, and we get it here too, but it turns me into a kid each, and every time. It looks so inviting, even if the last thing I wish to do after shoveling is to make a snow angel? That's always my first response upon seeing it.

Rob was flying out to Vegas for business on Thursday afternoon, and called me from the airport, saying there was a delay. "Apparently it's snowing." (I looked out the window) "Wow, it's snowing at the airport?" "No honey, it's snowing in Las Vegas, Nevada."

No kidding! There was a six hour delay in Denver because of snow in Vegas!

Hehe, I thought that was the BEST thing ever. I immediately started saying, "I wish I had a zillion dollars!" since the universe was in the mood to do unlikely things ;-)

It's gorgeous, Kathryn. Enjoy the pretty stuff, and I'm so glad you have power. That makes snow decidedly less lovely, and more, "Ah dang it, we have to eat everything in the freezer, at once."

Kathryn said...

Well, i actually like all hair colors, Alane. When i was small my mother had some old pictures put out by the Northern Bathroom Tissue folks (i think). I loved the pic of the dark haired girl with her white hat & mits. You or Vanderbilt Wife could have posed for that one. The blonde was holding yellow flowers. And the red head a white kitten.

Yep. Southern California, Millhill. It still blows me away that we are 100 miles from "the land of eternal sunshine" - LA & can have this much snow. Altitude is everything, i guess.

Rosemary said...

OMG - that is a boatload of snow. It's beautiful, sure, but wow, what a mess to deal with! You guys just got dumped on, I'm amazed at how much and I recognized the path that was cleared the other day from pics and now to see it just swamped again is too much. Please be careful, don't overdo it and stay warm and safe.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Dang! That is a lot of snow. Makes our two feet look like nothing. We just got rid of it, and just saw the sun today for the first time in about two weeks, lots of heavy fog hanging around.

Thanks for sharing so candidly on my blog. I'm with you. It's been great to see so many people share and just know that we're not alone in this 'doubt' thing. Peace!

Bob-kat said...

I know how much of a pain so much snow is and how it can be dangerous for some but when I look at your pictures I can't help but think how beautiful it is, especially aginst that bright blue sky.

Good luck with the shovelling!

David said...

it is beautiful and challenging.
like life

Stacey said...

Unbelievable! I can't believe that's your house under there. :) Great pics!