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25 January 2010


We took the subaru into town today & bought a few groceries. We cleared our driveway down to the asphalt, so we had quite a bump to get it on the road. The weather has been pretty warm the last couple of days - in the 40s today, but the roads are a mess. Packed snow in some places, slush & pits of water in others.

Frankly, i'd rather not go down to OC tomorrow, especially as another storm is coming. But Duane will probably feel that he must.

For a while they were only allowing residents up the hill, largely because they didn't think they would have food or gas enough if we had off the hill folks up here. The sheriff's dept was fine with that, also. Essentially all the calls they have been out on have been non-residents. One of the roads they have had shut down to down-hill traffic, & they've allowed only residents up. Also convoys of supply trucks with Highway Patrol escort. But once those trucks arrive they are stuck because they are not allowing them to leave yet.

Life is interesting!

I'm glad i'm doing the calorie tracker thing. I finished with dinner tonight (smashed potatoes, Duane loves them!) & put dinner into the tracker & found that my total for the day was under 600 calories. Ha! I was surprised.

Now, honestly, i probably would have been hungry later & snacked on some junk. Truth is, even tho i'm trying to track how i'm eating without a lot of change, i'm not eating as much junk. I never ate a lot, but now i don't want to have to track those calories. So by discovering i was way too low for the day's calories, i made healthier food choices of milk & eggs & cottage cheese to bring the total up to 1500.

I've a feeling that a lot of my days were rather like that - i'd have too few calories without realizing it - & finish the day with empty stuff like a handful of M&Ms & a few potato chips. I doubt if the total for the day ever went very high - i'm not a binge eater, but those calories certainly don't do anything but add bad sugar & fat (& other things) without bringing me anything good.

Well, i guess we will see what tomorrow brings. :)


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David said...

God bless you both and keep you safe in your travels