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17 January 2010

Odds & Ends

Duane & i had a long talk about food yesterday. The fact is he has been eating a lot of frozen, processed "food" because i've not had the energy or motivation to cook much. I see it as a huge problem. So we discussed (for about the 10th time) how we can get around this & create a better way of handling food.

Part of the problem, as i see it, is that neither of us are all that interested in food. It is just something to keep our bodies from screaming in hunger. I AM interested in that i believe healthy food to be the key to good health, but beyond that not so much. Also, our lives are not very structured or disciplined & so it is easy to forget until we are both starving. I've tried & tried & tried to change this - change ME, & it just isn't happening.

So, the short end of a long conversation is that Duane has agreed to help with this. I've encouraged him to do his own research on health issues & really think thru what he "wants out of food" & the type of things he'd like to make. He has agreed to help in the kitchen sometimes. Like twice a month. Maybe more, but i'm working at not getting my expectations too high.

So yesterday he purchased that slap chopper advertised on TV. We used to have one that was similar, but frankly a b*tch to clean. This one should be better. I hate pulling out a food processor (it is big) to chop half an onion. Then in the evening he wanted fried potatoes & onions & we worked together to make those. Using the fun chopper. But, the potatoes stuck to my iron skillet, which i've known for a while needs to be re-seasoned.

So that is my project today, to re-season that pan.

Have i ever mentioned that i have the most wonderful husband in the world? Really, i could have done the happy dance about the whole thing. (And told him so.) I need to let go of some of my "ideals" of food for a while. If we can just get the rythm of working together & creating home cooked meals, the rest can come later.


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Rosemary said...

Nice to hear that you are both talking about this and compromising without compromising your health. I have to admit that I never forget to eat (LOL), that's part of MY issue. We have come to an agreement in our home to be a little better about preplanning and having some go to meals with ingredients in the pantry, etc. We're also going to try eating a bit cleaner, which we started by going to the local farm and at least being locavores! Best of luck, Kathryn, I think this is a great idea for you both!