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14 January 2010


My posts have been so long recently, this one is going to be short!

I tried the Borax/water mixture yesterday. Didn't work so well, & i'll write of it another time, but, if you need acid in your stomach to digest food, it is NOT good to drink an alkaline drink with your meals. :[

I've come across several blogs in the last day or so which talk about book lists for 2010, or they are book review, or just books in general. Plus a couple on Kindle. I read quite a lot, but don't keep book lists. I should keep a list of what i read for the year, tho. I think i'd already have about 5 books on the list. I've a couple of new ones given by a dear friend. They are George MacDonald books. I do tend to re-r
ead books as i find it relaxing not to wonder or worry where it is going.

One of my favorite authors is Ann Rinaldi. She writes mostly historical fiction geared to an adolescent audience & i think her wonderful. I'm finding that the bookstores aren't carrying her as much anymore, so i checked Alibris (my favorite book-finding site). To my surprise i found a number of books by her there i'd never heard of before, so i will have the chance to read more by her, probably will this y
ear. :)

If this is going to be short, i have to stop here!

My sisters & me, about 10 years ago.



Anonymous said...

What a great all look so unique.

Amrita said...

Wow you all are so pretty....just like models in a magazine.

Rosemary said...

Books = an excellent time

Love to have a book or two open and ready to dive into!

Look at the sultry little redhead in that photo. Muy caliente! You are very photogenic!