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08 January 2010

This 'n that

Writing things out does help. I'm feeling less sad over the recent events. Sad & yet not crying, i guess. Part of the saddest factor of this is that the loss becomes the past & we are able to move on, yet that seems unkind. Beyond a lot of guilt & the strong feeling that Bear wasn't treated well, i didn't have a lot of connection to him.

I've thought, in the past couple of years that i'd really like to have a dog. I'm re-assessing that at this point.

These are the type of dogs that i'm rather attracted to. The top one is a Finnish Spitz, the bottom one an Akita. If we ever were serious about getting a dog, however, i'd be pushing for the shelter not a purebred.

I laughed, Alane, at your comment at the bottom where you said you tend to be "wordy." Because you were commenting on a post that was a mile long! I definitely tend to be verbose.

Your point on my MIL & her feeling out of control is well taken. My own preconceptions got in the way of what she was saying about Bear because i couldn't conceive of someone having that much hate for a dog that was innocent of the situation. So you are right, i wasn't really listening. My FIL is not an evil person (MIL either, for that matter). At times he is kind & generous, other times he is clueless & tactless; but so are most of us. He is human. I try to see things from other folks' point of view, Alane, but then i read your stuff & realize how far i fall short.

I'm not much of a morning person. I wake early but don't really move or think much until later. I tend to rush out the door in the AM, in a hurry to wherever i'm going. I've had to remind myself to leave an extra 20 minutes or half hour in the AM, 'cause my MIL likes to chat before i go. The least i can do is give her some time & listen.

These were taken by Duane on his hike with his cousins last week. They are taken high on the north side of Big Bear valley looking south over the lake toward the ski hills & the range beyond that which contains Mt. San Gorgonio; at 11,503 ft it is the highest peak in Southern California. They were just short of reaching the Pacific Crest Trail when Duane took these.

Here we are, all together at Sugarbear having dinner. This is the only pic Duane got of us all together. Our cousins got another one - having breakfast! I thought it a bit odd that the only time we got such pics was when we were at table. That would NEVER be my choice of a group shot!

A lot of folks have blogged about New Years resolutions. I'm not much of a resolution person myself, i tend toward suggestions at best. But i would like to be better organized at some things, most particularly preparing meals & managing supplements & other alternative treatment. I need to make up a list & it will have to pass for a "resolution."

The folks trying to give Mac a pill had no luck with it at all. They had three people (lady, her husband, her son) trying to get it down him & it wasn't working. She felt really badly about it, but i told her not to worry. I'm staying home next week (he is suppose to take them for 2 weeks). I've done a lot of pilling of cats over time. I worked for a vet in college. Mac is by far the biggest challenge. But he isn't mean or aggressive. He didn't bite or (purposefully) scratch anyone. He has learned to work his tongue in an undulating manner that makes it really difficult. He throws in headshakes as well. Sometimes he throws the pill a ways so that we think we got it down him, but are sadly mistaken.

Duane sent me this website on How to Pill a Cat. Funny. :)



Rosemary said...

Pretty dogs, but yeah, I think a shelter one needs the home most - when and if you decide to get one!

About giving a cat a pill, our old kitty had them for years for her thyroid and we thought we were so good at giving her pills. Well, in breaking apart the bed during the move we must have found ten pills that the little trickster spit out and they fell into hiding. Kind of gross, I guess, but then again who vacuums down into the wooden and metal part of the bed where it joins up. Also, I think we have a decent ratio of only ten missed pills in all those years ;-)

You do put together very thought provoking and discussion-enhancing topics, Miss Kathryn.

Also, love the outdoor photos - I can almost smell the fresh air from looking at them!

HUGS to you!

Land of shimp said...

I agree, if you ever decide to get a dog, a shelter animal -- or an animal from a rescue society (most purebreds have rescue societies) -- are the best bet. It's okay to not have a dog, though. I mean, it's not for everyone, and it is okay to make that determination. A dog doesn't fit everyone's lifestyle.

You can always volunteer at a shelter, walking dogs, etc. to get a feel for how you feel about taking care of them regularly.

Thanks Kathryn, but you sell yourself short. For one thing, it's easier to see a full picture, the farther away you stand. Up close it's a lot more difficult, and emotional detachment isn't as easy. I admit, I do tend to do the exact same thing in my own life, but one way isn't better than the other, a balance is best because your point of view in your life? That counts for a lot too. It is important to see anothers POV, but it is important to recognize your own worth, and know your own feelings too. So, yeah, as with many things, balance is best.

In fact, funny story. I got a call from a friend, whose husband had ticked her off. This was about two years ago, she was just in a state, and as I opened my mouth she interrupted me:

"Alane, I need you to be on my side this time. No, "maybe he thinks..." this or "perhaps if you try..." that, My side. No fair and balanced stuff, that's what I need from you, do you understand?"

"Absolutely! He's a jerk, I can't believe he did that. Who does he think he is? He can only ever hope to one day deserve you!"

And she started laughing and laughing and laughing.


"Wow, you're really horrible at this, aren't you?"


justme said...

so, i just read the post about Bear. i didn't do it in the first place, because...well, me and bad animal stories don't get along. i can watch movies where an entire human species is annihilated, but touch one dog and it's over for me.

i really admire you for posting about that, and not in the "i admire you, i would never have done that." type of way. i think that posting that took courage. 1. you are talking about emotions and 2. you are talking about family.

you handled yourself very well with your MIL and her arguments. i would not have done that well with her and i especially love the fact that you realized the exact moment that you were not going to "win".