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21 January 2010


Just got home. We left OC about 11.15, & made one short stop on the way up. Only a couple of places with 0 viability, for a few seconds as the wind blew snow. Made it home fine - Duane's very proud of his new little car - & got stuck at the top of our hill. The car had to sit for about half an hour while we dug out enough of 3 feet of heavy snow to put the car in part of the driveway. Snow plow hasn't been by. They say they can't keep up.

The drive home was like a winter wonderland - so much snow in trees. We got pics when we got home that i'll post another time.

We just had one of our trees go down into the neighbor's driveway. It looks like no damage done. This is really something. Power was off again today for a while.

Tired now. Glad we don't have to go anywhere for a while....

I'm so cold! Will warm up & rest. ;)


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Dawn said...

Glad you are home safe!