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22 January 2010

We have SOOOO much snow!

That doesn't look like so much, you say? Well, this was Monday, just after the snow started. Keep on looking, the rest of these pics are Thursday when we got home, & a couple of this AM. We're going to have to get out & take more pics. It still is snowing! I don't know how we'll get the bird feeders refilled, the drift on the deck is 4 feet high!

The plows can't keep up with this. They are only covering the main highways. We got stuck at the top of our hill coming home yesterday, the plows hadn't been thru. There are R3 chain restrictions on all the roads (meaning that 4WDs have to have chains, very unusal here). Essentially, if you don't have to go out, don't. The road we came up yesterday is now closed. I'm so thankful we came home when we did. We got another 8 inches last night, so all that we dug out yesterday is now covered again.

We lost one tree yesterday, & another looks like it might go. Duane has it braced so if it does it won't fall on the house. When this is all over there are 3 trees we'll probably end up taking out. I hate cutting trees, i do, but we're so fortunate the one that went down yesterday (onto our neighbor's property) didn't do any damage. We have a 70 ft. pine in our back yard that could take out half the neighborhood (or our whole house) if it goes. It doesn't look like it will, it looks fine, but it makes us very nervous.



Organizing Mommy said...

Wow! That looks like where I grew up (the U.P. of Michigan) but not.. Orange county?? Is that possible? So much for global "warming"..?

Anyway, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. It is going to be so nice to meet either sometime on this earth (first choice) or in heaven! Think about how richer heaven will be when there are so many people there that we'll know just because of strange avenues like this..? (blogging)

Anyway, thanks!

Kathryn said...

We're not in Orange County, but east/northeast of there in San Bernardino County. We drive to Orange County (Costa Mesa, near Newport Beach & the coast) every week. The drive is just over 100 miles.

I frequently say we are "100 miles east of Los Angeles" which is true. Los Angeles seems to be a place most folks know of, & is imagined to be "the land of eternal sunshine." So it is such a contrast to think we are only 100 miles due east of there.

Looking forward to meeting you someday too. What was funny about that dream - i don't go to women's retreats.

Curly Muse said...

I cant imagine having to dig yourself out of your home.. Miami is just fine.

Linda said...

That is so pretty...but a lot of snow to shovel through. I don't like driving in the snow. But if I can stay inside I always like to look out at it. Here we are in Kansas and haven't had much snow...and there you are in California...with a ton of it! Weather is so weird right now.

When I lived in Southern Calif. we would drive to Big Bear when we wanted to play in the snow!

Thanks so much for your comment on my Memory Lane blog post, and for offering to check and see if my little white steepled church was still there next time you are in Orange County.
It was called :
Silver Acres Community Church
and it was on Silver Dr.
I think it was in the area of Euclid and first street. (But at some point First st. changes it's name to Bolsa.

We went up Harbor to First and turned over towards Euclid. I haven't lived there in 33 years so I forget the address. Sorry. And if you can't find it that's ok.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it home safely. Enjoy the white blanket of God's beauty!

Stacey said...

Glad you guys made it home, despite getting stuck! All that snow is unbelievable to me. It doesn't even feel like winter anymore where I live. We're having spring-like weather in TX, but it'll cool off again next week.

Beautiful pics! Stay safe & warm.

Cheri Pryor said...

Love looking at pictures of the snow. Not a big fan of BEING in the snow. lol! It is quite beautiful, though. Hope you are keeping warm!

Rosemary said...

The photos are beautiful, but that is pretty scary to be traveling in and then there is the situation regarding the trees. Glad to know you are safe and sound. I guess now you can sit back and sort of enjoy the show?

Kathi said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow!