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05 February 2010


I've a blog of lists & things i want to remember. I don't post there often - i post there rarely & don't look at it often either. It is public, but i don't use it much.

I am getting ready to do an extensive list there, & opened it up to find, to my great surprise, comments there! This blog notifies me of comments, but that one does not. I never expected to have any comments. It was a pleasant surprise.

I'm totally overwhelmed by what needs to be done in the house. It can't wait. I cannot wait until Monday when either Debi or Patty come. So i'm using that blog of lists today to help me get some things done. It will be boring, but if you are curious about what i'm doing, it is there.

It will be boring because i'm going to do a detailed list. Because i can so rarely do much at all, a long list of things i did do sometimes cheers me up! (Not quite as detailed as "put on panties, put on pants, put on bra . . . " but almost!) Also, when i'm overwhelmed, an extensive list helps me to know the next step to take. I'm going to go at this in 20 minute intervals, & then have a break, hoping that this will help me get stuff done.

Oh, my mixer arrived! I ordered several things last week. One was a scale for food, another a mechanical scale for me (i didn't think my digital was accurate) & most importantly i bought a Kitchenaide mixer. I'd been wanting one for some time. We were given some Christmas money & i used mine (& a little more) on the mixer. If - no when - i get the kitchen cleaned up, i'll take pics & post them. :)



lisa said...

We just bought an old industrial size Hobart mixer that is just awesome, we wonder how we did bread without it. I did my pizza dough in no time! Glad you got yours!

Linda said...

I am impressed that your Christmas money wasn't spent yet! (It burns a hole in my pocket) You made a good choice on what to spend it on!

Good luck with your detailed list. I agree it does help to just take one thing at a time and not get overwhelmed.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Rosemary said...

Glad to know you are getting some reliable help and nothing wrong with some good organization. I had to giggle about your explanation that it isn't as detailed as "put on panties, put on pants." lol

Oh, and how cool about the new kitchen things! You will love that mixer, I've had one for a couple of years and wondered how I lived without it!! What color did you get? (mine's blue and it's going to get fire up making cookies this weekend in the snowstorm)

millhill said...

I am all for making lists...they are helpful and like you said, make you feel like something has been accomplished! Have fun with your new toys...

Mrs. Mac said...

You will LOVE your K.A. mixer! I just made home made waffle batter this morning in mine. It's a whole wheat recipe I'll post soon on my blog. (I'll send you an email today about my trip to socal). I'm rather dreading the whole food issue while I'm on vacation .. I'm just now getting over the chronic hives I've had for the past 4 years from 'frankenfoods' and don't want a relapse. Maybe I'll lose weight;)

Did you 'dig out' from the snow storms?