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08 April 2010

Pics !

Took a walk around the neighborhood to see how much snow is left.

Our back yard.  This is melting off fast.  A week ago this was up to the top of this metal storage box.

 What is left in the front of the house.  This is melting off fast, too.  :)
The west end of the valley has much more than this, still.

Around the neighbors' houses.

Sugarloaf Mountain & surrounding ridge.  This was taken near our mailbox, which is about one city block east of our house.  In the bottom picture at the far right you can see the top of the ski slope of one of the runs at Bear Mountain.  We are only about 2-3 miles away, but by road it is about 8 miles. 

This was waiting for me today when i got home.  :)  But it is hard to find a place the cats won't get to it.  

 This was waiting for me when i got home from my walk.  :(  It is hard to find a place the cats won't get to it. 



Mrs. Mac said...

Good nice dry ground showing in your pics! Must seem so nice for a change. Your cat has a very guilty look as though it just ate a canary bird;) Nice flowers ... hope they got back in a vase quickly.


Amrita said...

So glad to see the snow is bidding you goodbye. The sunshine seems so pleasant. Love the mountians.

The flowers are so pretty, and Jazz is simply adorable.
Hope Duane and you doing dood.

Lisa said...

OMG! I love that my kitty isn't the only one who can get a bit, well....destructive! :0)
LOVE the pics!