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06 April 2010

Oh, he's gone . . .

. . . he's gone away,
for to stay a little while;
but he's comin' back
if he goes ten thousand miles

look away, look away, look away over Yandro.

Traditional folk song

Fortunately he's not going ten thousand miles, only about 100.  

Duane had thought to go down W/Th/F this week instead of our regular T/W/Th.  But when he talked to his work earlier they were having a lot of problems he needed to fix.  

He's feeling better however.  The head cold thing only lasted Saturday & Sunday & was gone by Monday.  I've talked to him about taking some supplements regularly to see if that won't help build his immune system.  The ones i want him to take are the Juice Plus (because he doesn't eat much in the way of fruits/veggies), Vitamin D3 (6,000 IU a day) & a Calcium/Magnesium supplement.  He's not much better at discipline than am i, so while he agreed, i don't know how long it will last.  

I made his Sunday chicken soup  with some of my herbs - parsley, sage, & thyme.  I didn't do the rosemary!  He liked the second bowl, after it had sat for a long time, better than the first.  He said the chicken had soaked in the broth & spices better.  

You're right, Mrs. Mac, i have some romaine lettuce growing in my kitchen.  And a tiny arugula plant, too.  I think i'd like to grow the butter lettuce, but didn't find any at the farmer's market.

We've got wild onions coming up in the yard.  I didn't recognize them as anything but grass/weeds last year.  A neighbor told me what they are.  What i find funny, is that i like them.  I've never been someone who cares much for onions, especially raw.  I've learned to use onions in cooking quite a bit, but still don't care for raw onions.  But these are good!  

They don't last very long.  Because of fire concerns here & other issues, weed abatement policies are very strict.  (There is the possibility of a large fine if they are not followed.)   I thought/hoped that the wild onions would come back last year, but we never had any more rain to encourage them.  So this year i think i'll dig some of them up & see if i can't grow them in garden conditions, which is allowed. 

I finished a baby blanket & a couple of hats.  I'll take a pic & post it soon.  I don't really like it all that much, tho, & will probably make a different one for my niece.  

There are cats yowling outside.  They have Mac & Jazz quite worked up.  Amazing how loud they can be.  (Outside cats, not M&J.)

This is going to be an expensive month for us.  The car insurance was due, plus property tax, the Fit's license renewal, & income taxes.  Yeah.  What fun.  I am having Rebecca come an extra day & help with cleaning/organizing.  But the money is already set aside for that.  

Having her come is saving us some $$ honestly.  I was spending quite a lot on groceries, then not having the energy to use them.  They often would go bad (fresh stuff) & we ate out anyway.  With Rebecca cooking, we are eating at home much more often & healthy stuff, too.  The money i spend on groceries isn't wasted & it goes farther.  I'm finding i'm buying less but it gets utilized better.  

I did do some organizing yesterday.  I think i'm going to try to do a little each day this week.  Although, just keeping up with the laundry that needs to be folded & the dishes that need to be done may take up all of today.  That is the problem with my limited energy, just keeping up with the very basics seems to take all that i have.  There is not much left for other things.  

But . . . one step at a time, one day at a time!  :)

Seems like i had much more to say, but i can't think of it now.  Maybe later.  I need to go into town for some errands.  

 Jazz wishes he could get outside again.  He is convinced he is a true wild cat!



Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, hope Duane is feeling better. Your chicken soup must have done him a lot of good.

Oh I wush we had cool weather like yours.
Jazz looks good.

Stacey said...

Good luck with your organizing projects this week! Little by little is a good way to go. Pretty soon you'll see much progress. :)

Was glad to hear you had no damage from the earthquake!